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The First Ten
June 19, 2016, 3:21 pm
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I keep a record of how many games/days the players play each week during the season in all competitive matches (ie not f/class v Universities). This season, we have just finished the first ten weeks. I count every white ball game as full 40 or 100 overs regardless, except for any complete abandonment (+ no toss/teams) as on Friday which I exclude entirely

We’ve had ten full weeks in which Hampshire played 33 days, an average of 3.3 days per week although none of their Championship matches have included the full allocation of overs for four days. The most was 340 overs, an average of 85 overs per day (Warwickshire at home). Otherwise, 315, 312, 293, 258, 245.

In four of the ten weeks they played only at home. They have used 22 players and only Liam Dawson has appeared in every match. In three of the ten weeks, they have played in two formats in the same week (it would have been four with play last Friday). In the week before last, they played four days & separate matches – two in each of the white ball formats. In week eight they were most busy playing one Championship and two T20 matches over six days – the second T20 away. In weeks three and six, they played no cricket at all.


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Those Championship figures give an average of 294 overs per match. If you subtract six overs for three changes of innings from the overs required over four days, that leaves you with 288 overs – which happens to be exactly three days of cricket (3 x 96 overs)

Comment by pompeypop

After the present round of Champo matches, there is only one left (Sept 12, when Sussex are at home to Worcester) when Hampshire are not involved.

The ECB changes, which have the potential to reduce the number of weeks when CC cricket is played from the present 20 or so to just 14, may mean that this will never happen again.

Truly, this time Summers (poetic license of course) really will never be the same again.

When the fixture list is symmetrical, those nice weeks off will be a thing of the past for the players.

Comment by Jeremy

Interesting stuff Jeremy – cheers. I’m planning a trip to beautiful Arundel later this week to watch some Div Two CC cricket. Just hoping the weather picks up somewhat!

Comment by pompeypop

The Arundel week is lovely. But the forecast is a bit challenging!

Comment by Jeremy

Two things to bear in mind for anyone planning on going to Arundel this week. Firstly play is scheduled to start at noon on all four days and secondly the Goodwood Festival of Speed starts on day 2 (Thursday) until Sunday so there is likely to be increased traffic in the area.

Comment by James

Mealy mouthed piece on Sussex website regarding Friday’s abandonment.

Comment by James

I think “mealy mouthed” is very generous James! Clearly the statement was not “the end of it”. No doubt it will rumble on although that’s up to them. Since I know most of the Sussex Committee (one of whom described Friday to me as a “farce”) I might give Arundel a miss. It’s only cricket.

Comment by Dave Allen

Guess you get no lasting loyalty from these “Group Commercial Director” types either…….interesting to note the author of that statement!

Comment by joster69

Well he was only at the Ageas for just shy of two years.

Comment by Paul

Didn’t Sussex have issues with the wicket at Hove last season?

Comment by Paul

They certainly did. It was often pretty poor. When we played there, Fidel was scary!

Comment by pompeypop

That’s what I thought, pot, kettle, black springs to mind.

Comment by Paul

I think in a game against Warwickshire, a number of batsmen were hurt. But the pitch inspector said the pitch was OK. Tony Pigott, he’s called ….now remind me, didn’t he use to play cricket for some county or other?

Comment by Ageas

And didn’t Mr Pigot once appear at the Bowl with a bunch of his mates to forfeit Hampshire points …???

Comment by pompeypop

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