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June 22, 2016, 7:32 pm
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I didn’t go today because of the weather but a pal of mine did, long-time member of Hampshire. He paid his £6 but was later refused reciprocal rights into the Members’ Area by Sussex stewards. After insisting on his reciprocal rights, an Arundel CC official let him in. Since I sit ex officio on our Members’ Committee, I’d like to know if anyone else encountered similar problems, although if that was the case I would advise contacting the two Chief Execs.

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According to the relevant web sites there is a disparity between reciprocal benefits for Hants members at Sussex and vice versa.

At reciprocal grounds, for 6 pounds Hampshire Cricket Members are entitled to “admission into the ground and exclusive Members’ facilities.”

Whereas the Sussex website says merely “Our members can gain entry into County Championship matches at Essex CCC, Hampshire CCC and Kent CCC for only £6 per day, when Sussex are not the opponents.” There is no mention of Member’s facilities for Sussex fans.

Likewise (per the Kent site), Kent members can get ground access for 6 pounds but there is no mention of Members’ enclosure.

So there’s something that is not quite reciprocal here.

Comment by Hedgehog

I’m surprised Sussex didn’t try to levy an additional charge for the reciprocal use of the Members’ Area. The Ryanair of County Cricket!

Comment by James

Dave, I was thinking of going to Arundel today but after last night’s storms don’t think I’ll bother.
However, I did go last year and was greeted with a cheery “Good morning sir” by the steward who waived me in and didn’t charge me! You win some you………….!!!

Comment by Dave Wilson

I have to say on my pretty regular visits to Hove their stewards are always charming. It seems we’ve had a bad few days with our neighbours. It’s been a bit like all them Referendum debates!

Comment by pompeypop

For what it’s worth, I also was barred from the members’ area yesterday, “as it’s Arundel”. I was told I would be allowed in at Hove. I noticed that the £6 ticket stated “Ground Only”. Will be interested to see if this applies during the rest of the match.

Comment by Ian White

I seem to recall the reciprocal tickets they issue at Hove are also marked “Ground Only” but I have never had any problems using the Members Area there.

I would also agree that their stewards are normally very pleasant and welcoming – more so than ours I am afraid!

Comment by James

Very interesting. I’ll stay at home then. They’ve never done that before and it’s entirely unnecessary during a Championship match, but when you’re hosting your only match closest to your neighbour’s borders why would you encourage people to come to the game? Big crowds might get a good name for the Championship and force the ECB into rethinking their cuts.

Comment by pompeypop

No start at Arundel again (ignore GMT again – it’s after midday)

Comment by pompeypop

I’m planning to make my “debut” at Arundel tomorrow. What are the food facilities (assuming I’m refused admission to the Member’s area) ? And is there any hand-pumped ale?

Comment by Hedgehog

12.30 start at Arundel today apparently.

Hedgehog, non-members food is normally of the burger van type as I recall, Can’t provide any ale info I’m afraid as I don’t drink and drive.

Comment by James

Ditto ref ale as I don’t drink … But they do sell magnificent home cooked sausage rolls near the entrance – always a queue! And yes, they are underway.

Comment by pompeypop

My pal has pursued the issue of access with Zac T – a man I have always liked – and got this reply: “We will make sure the reciprocal arrangements are clear. Access on championship days is agreed but not on T20 matches as we have limited space”. Seems entirely reasonable to me and OK for Arundel

Comment by pompeypop

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