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Members’ Access at Arundel
June 23, 2016, 3:30 pm
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I posted this as a Comment but I think it warrants a separate post

My pal has pursued the issue of access with Zac T – a man I have always liked – and got this reply: “We will make sure the reciprocal arrangements are clear. Access on championship days is agreed but not on T20 matches as we have limited space”.

Seems entirely reasonable to me and therefore OK for Arundel & the Championship (where it has rained again)

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The least Sussex should do is send our friend a formal apology after what was was dreadfully embarrassing treatment !!!

Comment by Chris

There was more Chris, including this, which I think does it

“We pride ourselves on making all our guests welcome and if there are issues , deal with them professionally and with respect
I am sorry that you have been treated in such a way”

(It’s a shame we’ve had a bad few days with Sussex but maybe now everything is resolved and the sun will return!)

Comment by pompeypop

And those sausage rolls are still delicious!

Comment by Ian White

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