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Liam ‘Awesome’
June 24, 2016, 8:53 pm
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Once again, he did his best with 26 and 3-24 but Hants have now lost five T20s in a row, split only by the Sussex abandonment (3/2). It ‘beats’ their worst ever run of four-in-a-row back in 2003, the first T20 season. The only thing that was worse was the Essex ‘support’ on the radio effects microphone. Hampshire are now bottom but with six matches left could strictly speaking still qualify I think (I haven’t checked the other fixtures/permutations).

PS I still have that loan copy CD of the 1961 Champions interviews. I’m carrying it around at the matches if anyone wants to hear it


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They have lost six matches this year. They reached the Finals Day last year after losing seven and in 2014, losing six.

Comment by pompeypop

What better way to start the fight-back than in front of the telly cameras. Game on !!

Comment by Brian JS

James Vince appears to be available, he’s in the huddle in the rain and now warming up.

Comment by Paul

He is available Paul – but it keeps rating/stopping/raining etc (12.50)

Comment by Dave Allen

Will Brexit affect cricket in this country? And if so how?

Comment by Paul

Brief report in today’s Guardian suggests it might do ref Kolpak etc rulings. More significant for Football. Of course if a recession were to follow that might have huge implications for poorer counties…

Comment by Dave Allen

Rain stopped. Toss at 1.50, start at 2.10. Tino dropped for misbehaviour on pitch last night (disciplinary)

Comment by Dave Allen

I am beginning to lose patience with Mr Best. A very good bowler on his day (which doesn’t seem to be that often) but he seems to come with a lot of baggage. Perhaps necessary to carry his ego?

Comment by James

If Tino Best was reported for bad behaviour is the points penalty still hanging over us. If so will it be enforced? I’m not sure.

Comment by Dave Allen

They were all ready to bowl the first ball and came off. Looks very black.

Comment by Dave Allen

2.30 Absolutely heaving down. Puddles on the ground

Comment by Dave Allen

Hampshire’s worst run in T20 is actually 6 losses. They lost their last 4 in 2003 at Dave said. But they also lost their first 2 in 2004.

Comment by Tigger

3.50 We got a point! Match abandoned. Since the toss took place and the players walked out, does this count as a match ‘played’ for each player?

Comment by Dave Allen

Interesting point. I was at Bramshill today (a Hampshire venue in the early 1820s). After 5 balls, two of which were wides) a hailstorm arrived, and the match was abandoned. I don’t think it counts as ‘played’ as far as the Hampshire League are concerned, but it does count in our own club records.

Comment by Bob Elliott

Do we need a whip-round for some covering? This is getting ridiculous, repetitive and embarrasing using postage stamp covers when the IPL cover the whole ground area and after a deluge the game gets under way.It must be cheaper than shifting the whole complex 15 miles East for better weather.?

Comment by Brian.JS

Just read Giles White statement on the beloved website regarding the abandonment, “we aim to win our home games”, so does his planning mean the result does not matter in away games. Awful comments from the Director of Cricket…

Comment by John Cottrell

Kevan James said this morning that the ECB posted the news of our suspended sentence on their website on 17 June last year. In that case, last night was 1 year and seven days, so we appear to have avoided the suspended penalty (although losing 2 points in a T20 this year would have been considerably preferable to losing 16 in the Championship)

Comment by Ageas

Kolpak – a view. If, as most people seem expect, the UK has a trade agreement with the EU, it is likely to be similar to those signed by Norway and Switzerland (it’s hard to imagine the EU giving preferential treatment to a ‘deserter’). Those countries pay into the EU budget, and sign up to the free movement of people. Any regulations affecting trade and free movement would apply, and be subject to the rulings of the European Court of Justice (ECJ). Kolpak was a sportsman (handball?) from an EU country who argued successfully at the ECJ that he should not be discriminated against in the EU for employment opportunities. So, logic would suggest that if we have a trade agreement ‘Kolpaks’ are likely to stay. {There is a further extension that this also applies to citizens of countries which have signed trade agreements with the EU (I think – I’ve never been clear on this bit). Which is why Fidel and Tino can play as Kolpaks, despite not being EU citizens, and why Ryan McLaren is a potential Kolpak, should he decide to officially retire from international cricket}
[Of course, this may surprise those who have listened to the assurances of Messrs Gove, Johnson and Farage who have gone on at considerable length about the UK signing a trade agreement with the EU, but seemed to have forgotten to mention that that will meaning signing up to the free movement of people!]

Comment by Ageas

Guess that means no more kolpak then !

Comment by Brian.JS

And of course, Brad Wheal is a Scot … Good job we sent that Irisman back.

Comment by Dave Allen

Irishman that is

Comment by Dave Allen

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