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In Trouble?
June 25, 2016, 9:16 pm
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I’ve been enquiring about naughty Tino. Here’s a reprint of a Comment from Ageas (cheers):

“Kevan James said this morning that the ECB posted the news of our suspended sentence on their website on 17 June last year. In that case, last night was 1 year and seven days, so we appear to have avoided the suspended penalty (although losing 2 points in a T20 this year would have been considerably preferable to losing 16 in the Championship).”

Now then, I took this photo today absolutely sure that Reece Topley was having a bowl. But looking at the face I’m not so sure. Do you think this is Reece? Is he on the way back? He was bowling alongside other Hampshire bowlers but maybe he’s not even one of ours?

Confused of Southsea



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Comment by Ageas

Think Topley’s got both arms tattooed, although it could be only the one hidden in the photo!

Comment by Ageas

Good point. Not Wheal though. Definitely tall. ‘skinny’ and left-handed. Wheal was wearing match kit by then

Comment by pompeypop

I did notice the beard had gone so could be

Comment by Paul

. . and why isn’t Wheater being included in any format?

Comment by Bob Elliott

Under suspension ???

Cannot still a stiff neck can he….

Comment by John Cottrell

Hants site says still recovering from injury

Comment by Ageas

Word around the ground today is that he has been suspended.

Comment by John West

According to the Echo Best has been reported by the umpires for deliberately throwing the ball at Ashar Zaidi during the Essex T20 game.


We seem to have so many discipline problems at the moment. Poor batting discipline, poor bowling discipline, poor fielding management discipline (leading to points deductions) and now poor behavioural discipline.

Isn’t it time someone on the management stood up and took some responsibility and started to sort out this mess?

Frankly we are becoming an embarrassment.

Comment by James

Bowler is Payne from Gloucester

Comment by Jim

Ah – on the day we commented how confusing it is with both teams in similar strips

Comment by Ageas

Cheers Jim

Comment by pompeypop

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