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Adam Wheater?
June 26, 2016, 8:28 pm
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I wrote and published this (below the photo) on the basis of the tweet. Tweets are always a problem because of the character limit. What Benkenstein says about the wicket-keeping and energy in the field is very interesting as is the implication at the end of the interview that he and Adam perhaps don’t see eye-to-eye. Have a listen:

BBC Solent has tweeted tonight that he’s not missing because of injury. They say Coach Dale Benkenstein says he dropped Adam Wheater v Somerset because “he wants more energy in the field” and that he should push the top order batters.

Wheater has not had an outstanding season but his eleven innings (two not outs) include bests of 62 & 57*, plus 47, 32 and three scores in the 20s – Avge 36.78

Others, including today:

Adams: 9 innings, bests of 78, 70, 61 plus one of 30 – Avge 31.6

Dawson: 12 innings (one not out) best of 89 & 50* plus two 20s – Avge 24.8

Carberry: 12 innings, one century two in the 20s – Avge 22.25

Smith:  12 innings, bests of 61 & 45 plus one 30+ and one 20+ – Avge 19.66




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What a load of round objects. That makes no sense.

Comment by Paul

Benkenstein out!

Comment by Paul

Thank you, Dale, at last you have got the message (about the wicketkeeper).

Comment by John West

Not sure DB should have gone public on that. Seems like very poor leadership and man management to criticise a player in public like that.

Comment by Ian

Seems a bit tough to blame Wheater for slow over rates.
Is that byes figure correct?
And yes Wheats should think of himself as a batter he’s plenty good enough.
I do wonder why the senior pros are keeping their places as this is the second poor season for them.

Comment by Paul

He got 147 for the 2nds today . . .

Comment by Bob Elliott

I do find this anti Wheater sentiment strange. No one complained about Smith ousting Terry nor that Topley will possibly oust Wood. Berg’s presence may have contributed to Dawson going to Essex.
Yet because Wheater replaced Bates even 3 years on he is unfairly and often erroneously blamed for the team’s shortfalls

Comment by Paul

I like Lewis McManus – he got the killer ball yesterday. I think he deserves a run in the side. But Wheater should be in the top five. He’s a game changer. If he insists on being ‘keeper’ he may have to go, but I think that would be a shame.

Comment by pompeypop

It is rather bizarre that Wheater is blamed for the slow over rate. I noticed today that our new keeper (who I thought did very well) showed great “energy” in getting in position for the next over very quickly but his team mates continued to amble from one end to the other as though they were on an evening stroll.

We ended the day with a -2 over rate according to the scoreboard (which may of course be amended by the umpires) and so if Somerset don’t bat again we could find ourselves with yet another points deduction. Not that this (or indeed a significant points deduction for Tino’s act of stupidity) will make a blind bit of difference to our inevitable relegation as this is by far the worst Hampshire side I have seen since we moved to the Rose Bowl.

Comment by James

I reckon 2003 (the year Warne failed to appear after taking drugs) was pretty poor. We won just twice and finished next to bottom of Div 2 – we’ve only been last once in the past 110 years. In place of Warne we signed Ed Giddins, Wasim Akram and WPUJC Vaas although Katich was good. Crawley captained but typically then underperformed with the bat. Promising youngsters? Adams (9 matches, 2 x 50s), Tremlett (10 matches, 27 wkts), Tomlinson (7 matches 16 wkts). Two years later we almost won the Championship, so …???

Comment by pompeypop

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