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Changing Times
June 26, 2016, 8:05 pm
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I guess cricket pales into insignificance in terms of what’s going on in the country as a whole but it still comes as a shock, having worked my way through pages about Brexit in the Sunday Times, to discover an article on page 11 under the title “Stumped by debt, cricket eyes new league.”

It reveals that some of our major counties are hoping to create “an elite league” of T20 sides. The article names Durham, Glamorgan, Hampshire, Lancashire, Middlesex, Nottinghamshire, Surrey, Warwickshire, and Yorkshire. They will meet in the next few weeks to discuss various money-making projects including the new league.

It quotes Rod Bransgrove saying that England needs to develop a T20 competition to rival the IPL. The counties want the approval of the ECB to form the competition and to negotiate their own TV deals.

He is then quoted as saying that Championship cricket is no longer viable: “Long-form cricket will always be a cult sport which does not fit with modern living”. Since Test Match cricket is also “long-form”, one wonders whether he views that in the same way as the Championship (?)

The counties are also raising questions about the Test match bidding process and the costs of staging Tests. The article finished by revealing that “the ECB declined to comment on any discussions about a new league”.

PS: Same Newspaper, the Sports section reveals that Hampshire’s suspended sentence is active until next Saturday so if Tino Best is found guilty, it might have further implications …


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The times they are a changing ……………..Indeed.

Comment by John F

Rod Bransgrove has always been out of touch with the fans. I don’t think that much of what he has done at Hampshire was done for the team-it was done for his own ego. Just like a lot of leave voters!

Comment by Mari Foster

Not only has he been out of touch with the fans, but also the history of the Club and the Heritage group who are trying to preserve that history for future generations.

Comment by Stephen Saunders

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