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June 27, 2016, 7:30 pm
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I really enjoy the BBC broadcasting. I did a double shift today which was delightful and we had the pleasure of sharing today with a Zimbabwe Test player Tino Mawoyo. I gave him the Richard Binns book about our move from Southampton to the Rose Bowl and here we are together in the media box at the top of the hotel:

Tino & Dave Allen

Tino was born on 8 January so he shares his birthday with Elvis, Bowie, Shirley Bassey and “White Christmas” (and my sister). Usually I do the BBC commentaries after tea and the first two sessions with Southampton Hospital Broadcasting at the other end of the ground. Here are two of my pals this morning, John and Steve:

John & Steve


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The Zimbabwean Tino looks a lot better dressed than our Tino did today. I think the only other time I have seen a cricketer fielding with his sweater tied around his waist was watching a village game.

It brought to mind something my old cricket master used to say – if you can’t play like cricketers you can at least look like cricketers.

Have we no pride at all? In all honesty can’t we do better than this?

Comment by James

I’m going to stop being grumpy now. (For today at least!).

Comment by James

I have to say Tino Mawayo was lovely to listen to……he has a great voice for radio & made for easy listening. Much easier than some of the comments being bandied about by some spectators (I can’t bring myself to call them supporters) today.

As you know I am an optimistic supporter & I’m disappointed for the “calling for heads to roll”………nobody is on that field trying to do badly.

We hear a lot about depression in sport these days…….I really hope that negativity from the stands isn’t affecting any if the players that might already be struggling.

I will be in my usual seat tomorrow hoping that some of my optimism can rub off!

Comment by joster69

Anytime anyone starts being negative Jo, send them shopping to the nearest Iceland. There’s disappointing – and then there’s Utter Garbage and taking money under false pretences. This evening’s viewing has me desperate to get back to the cricket as soon as possible!

Comment by pompeypop

Luckily I didn’t see it……..

Comment by joster69

Me too, I was at Pompey Guildhall listening to me grand daughter singing- so much more fun

Comment by Paul

The hospital broadcasting box looks like a considerable advance on the arrangements at the old grounds; I can remember Mark Nicholas when a player would quite regularly stand outside and listen in to the commentary; good job then as now. As for the pundits over on planet football, after the exploits of Leicester City not underestimating the underdog was a thought that might have occurred.

Oh dear.

Comment by StephenFH

I was really expecting us to beat Iceland last night but I thought Tescos in he quarter-final might be beyond us.

Comment by James

Ha…….love this!

Comment by joster69

There are still people out there who don’t follow this Blog. I can’t believe it. You guys are such good value I’m going to have to draw up contracts soon! It’s not much of a fun time right now, but boy do you guys cheers me up. Thanks.

Comment by pompeypop

The feeling is entirely mutual Dave!

Comment by James

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