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June 28, 2016, 6:56 am
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I’ve just seen the forecast from which I suspect today will be over by tea and tomorrow is unlikely to start. They might be wrong, it might change, but if they are right, Somerset have about 60 overs today to win the game and Hampshire 60 to get some draw points.

The most interesting challenge now is what to do about Jeremy – no sorry Rooney – oops no,  Adam Wheater. He was told to put pressure on the top batters and scored 147 for the 2nd XI yesterday. Given that he’s already outscoring the top five in the Championship he should play v Durham, assuming he is willing to play as a specialist batsman …

But which one? Jimmy 61 & 0 in this game, while Alsop, Carberry, Dawson and Smith (captain) have their chances today to redeem disappointing dismissals in the first innings. Dawson and Ervine seem to play partly for their bowling but don’t take wickets. Who should make way? Should it be no one?


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No need to change the team as Hampshire are now advertising for a Graphic Designer…..full job specification and requirements are on the main website. This about sums up Hampshire at the moment…..

Another two days of being totally outclassed in the Championship and no doubt Rod is the most happy about this with his ideas for no Championship cricket, bring on a members vote as to want they want…

Comment by John Cottrell

Just as an aside, whats happened to Tomlinson??

Comment by Peter Jeffs

Left out of the current side on Sunday morning but not injured. Playing for Second XI at Neath….

Comment by John Cottrell

With all due respect if Wheater is not willing to play as a specialist batsman his contract should be terminated with immediate effect. He is contracted to play for us and if he won’t play then he should go.

Of course I hope it doesn’t come to this but we need some discipline in the club at the moment and this clearly can’t happen if people are able to choose when they play.

Comment by James

If Wheater plays, he surely must also keep wicket, as it frees a place for another bowler or batsman.

Comment by Nick Jenkins (@nickjenkins01)

Of course when we go to Durham at the weekend, Dawson will go off to England so that’s one change forced on us

Comment by pompeypop

I agree that Wheater should play as a batsman if that’s what
the selectors want. However, if his defence I understood when
he signed for us he was promised the wicket-keeper role. This being the main reason why we released Bates. If Wheater is good enough to play as a specialised batsman then he is definitely good enough to play as a W/K batsman. And the batting line up looks much stronger as a result. I’ve nothing against bringing on young players but Wheater isn’t exactly old at 26. I would be sad to see him go.

Comment by Tigger

I do not understand that argument – that if Wheater is good enough to play as a specialist batsman, then he is good enough to play as a wicketkeeper. So Carberry, Adams, Smith… as specialist batsmen can be wicketkeeper??? The point that clearly has been missed here is that Benkenstein has stated that Wheater is not what is currently wanted as a gloveman, but can play as a batsman if he can demonstrate that he can put pressure on the current top 4 or 5 batsmen in the team. I know that the trend these days is that the wicketkeeper should also be able to bat, but he MUST also be a competent ‘keeper. In my opinion, and I know in the opinion of many Hampshire Cricket members, Wheater may be OK as a club ‘keeper, but he is inferior in comparison to the products of the Hampshire Academy in recent years. Thank you Bobby P. – you have done a very good job.

Comment by John West

That is not what I meant and I think you know that. Carberry, Adams and Smith are NOT wicket-keepers but Wheater is. He was good enough to dispose of the best wicket-keeper we’ve had since Bobby Parks and as far as I’m concerned he’s still the same player. He’s nowhere near as good as Bates but nor is McManus. I still think that on current form Wheater could play as a batter but if he’s in the team it makes sense to me that he also keeps wicket. We are struggling for runs, indeed we are struggling full stop. Playing Wheater gives us more options. I think we will have to agree to disagree but I accept we all have our own opinions and it’s great to exchange them.

Comment by Tigger

Replying to your comment posted at 7.07pm.
I dispute your comment that Wheater was good enough to dispose of the best ‘keeper since Bobby Parks. I understand that he was signed because he was a wicketkeeper with high batting averages – no credence put on his ability as a ‘keeper. He certainly was not good enough to replace Michael Bates, nor is he now. I stand by my previous comments.

I do sometimes wonder how people reach their opinions. Is it through reading press or internet reports, through word of mouth, or from watching players through their formative years and on to their careers in professional cricket. I have done the latter. I look forward to seeing you all at the next 2nd XI home game.

Comment by John West

Firstly, I didn’t say he was good enough to replace Bates. I was stated the fact that he did replace Bates and the management team took that decision. I didn’t agree with the decision. Secondly, I have watched HCCC for over 50 years. In the last 10 years I have watched virtually all our home CC matches and quite a few away. I form my opinion from what I see and not what I read, I believe Wheater sees his future as a keeper/batter and not just a batter. Therefore, if McManus carries on as the keeper then it won’t be long before we say goodbye to Wheater. I’m sure there will be many counties happy to take him. I would wish him well and I also hope McManus proves the selectors right. I look forward to seeing you at Chester-le-Street next week.

Comment by Tigger

There is a similar debate going on regarding the England test keeper. I heard an interesting idea that if you pick two keepers that are also good batsmen why do you have to nominate only one of them as the keeper for the match.

The idea was that if you bat first and one of the “keepers” plays a long innings then maybe the other should keep for the reply.

I hope I’ve explained that clearly……so if both Adam & Lewis warrant a place in the side why can’t they both play & both have the chance to keep wicket?

It is disappointing that true keepers are disappearing from the game because they are expected to be able to bat as well as the top five. Of course we would all love an excellent keeper that scores 50 plus every innings but I still believe that a keeper that can save 50 runs every innings is equally if not more important.

I do believe, though, that a keeper can help set the tone of the field…….we rarely see the slips & keeper racing each other from end to end at the completion of the over any more.

Comment by joster69

With regard to your last point Jo it was noticeable on Monday, having watched McManus jogging into position at the end of each over whilst our slips ambled from end to end, that the Somerset keeper and slips sprinted into position. Of course they were in the ascendancy in the game but even so you would have hoped we would have done more to avoid a further points deduction.

It is true a keeper can indeed set the tone but if others don’t follow then it is up to the captain to ensure they do and I’m afraid Will doesn’t seem to have this covered yet.

Comment by James

Blaming Wheater for the byes that most likely come from Tino’s erratic bowling seems beyond harsh.

The over rate is an issue for the captain, or the coach. Blaming the wicket keeper is absurd.

Comment by Jeremy

Totally agree.

Comment by Tigger

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