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Bye, Bye Baby
June 29, 2016, 6:30 pm
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(Can I keep these pop references going?)

There’s an interesting earlier comment (below) by Keith about the extras conceded by Hampshire this season – many thanks. At around the same time, I was chatting to Kevan James at the ground and doing a similar bit of research.

Keith reports his figures covering the first six Championship matches when Wheater was ‘keeping’ but I think he’s added in the figures for the single Somerset innings (McManus). I went to the same BBC site and I think that in the first six matches Hampshire conceded 71 byes in a total of 788.3 overs at an average of one bye every 11.10 overs.

In the one innings against Somerset there were nine byes in the 100 overs, so one every 11.11 overs – absolutely no difference (albeit one innings is a small ‘sample’).

I do agree completely too with Tigger’s observation that these days umpires tend to penalise wicketkeepers for stray bowling from quick bowlers. There might be fewer byes – and more wides.

Keith’s comparison with Middlesex is absolutely fascinating because the difference is considerable. It seems to suggest that in addition to the slow over rate, Hampshire’s outcricket lacks discipline – another reason they sit last in the table?


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In the 9 byes in the Somerset match I seem to recall there were 2 lots of 4 from balls from Tino Best that the keeper had no chance of stopping. To be fair to Wheate that has also happened to him in past matches, though I guess not all the byes are due to Tino.

Comment by Bob Murrell

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