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That’s the trouble you see
June 30, 2016, 1:37 pm
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Spend too much time on cricket and


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Dave, sorry it’s off topic but did you know about this?http://www.telegraph.co.uk/cricket/2016/06/30/yorkshire-to-sell-museum-to-save-collection-amid-fears-administr/
Are our artefacts protected if Hampshire Cricket goes belly-up?

Comment by Ian White

Not a problem Ian. I have seen it. A small group of us – notably Blogger and Assistant Archivist Stephen Saunders – have been pursuing the topic of a separate Trust to protect our historical artefacts for some time but we’ve made no progress. At present, we’d lose the lot in such circumstances although what we have does not compare with Yorkshire (and some things are loans). Probably the most valuable is the set (minus one) of Handbooks etc going back well over one hundred years. Some of the oldest fetch around £400. Thanks for posting it.

Comment by pompeypop

I read the article, Ian, and sent it to Dave. We attend half yearly meetings of all county archivists and Yorkshire mentioned this at our last meeting. I am actively trying to preserve our heritage from such a situation but it is very hard to get anyone at the Ageas Bowl to take any interest. It was decided this week that I should write to Rod Bransgrove and Dave Mann to try and get some positive feedback. The other concern is that collectors like myself (I have all the Handbooks bar 2!) will not be willing to leave their collections to a “void” and that they would go to auction. As Dave says our archive is not of nearly such significant value as Yorkshire and others. However I shall battle on!

Comment by Stephen Saunders

I think the most telling part of your post is “…. but it is very hard to get anyone at the Ageas Bowl to take any interest.”

No interest from Hampshire Corporate Cricket in our history. Shameful.

Comment by James

Unfortunately not too surprising

Comment by Paul

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