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Happy Anniversary
July 1, 2016, 5:29 pm
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To Kevan James – twenty years this week since his World Record four wickets in four balls and century v the Indians at Southampton

James KD 1985-1999.jpg


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During the winter, someone equalled Kevan’s record (he knows about it) – but if you can find out who that was, you’re cleverer than me. I tried ‘googling’ four wickets in four balls and century and variations of that, but only found Kevan – or bits of such records (eg four in four but no century …)

Comment by pompeypop


Here you go…….do I get a prize

Kelly Royce Smuts for Eastern Province v Boland in February 😊

Comment by joster69

Jo just beat me to it. Cricket archive match no f56943

Comment by Bob Murrell

Oops……sorry Bob 😕

Comment by joster69

No need to be sorry, well done.

Comment by Bob Murrell

Well done guys and thanks. But HOW did you find it? What’s the trick?

Comment by Dave Allen

I used the Cricinfo stats section. That lists all the 4 in 4’s then looked it up in CricketArchive.

Comment by Bob Murrell

I just googled four wickets in four consecutive balls……then trawled through the results! Guess I got lucky but did kind of remember it was this year 😊

Comment by joster69

Interesting. I did that and got a list that finished with Kevan. Cheers Jo

Comment by Dave Allen

According to this year’s Wisden, there have been 3 instances. Although it doesn’t yet list this winter’s event in SA, it does record Mahmudallah for Central Zone v North Zone at Savar in 2013/14. Unusaully, however, the 4 in 4 was split between two innings

Comment by Ageas

Think you might have missed the “& scored 100 in the same match” 😊

Comment by joster69

Well, I didn’t, but even if I did, Wisden didn’t! Mahmudallah did both 4 in 4 and 100 in one game – but the 4 in 4 was across the two innings of the match. (Wisden 2106 p 1275)

Comment by Ageas

Apologies…….I was under the impression that it hadn’t been done again since KJs original record until this winter when Smuts did it!

Comment by joster69

I don’t think KJ knows about that one. When he did it I wrote from Hampshire to the Guinness Book of Records who declined to include it because they thought it was impossible to emulate!

Comment by Dave Allen

I have to admit that I had missed the Mahmudallah one. I still think Kevan James’s 4 in 4 is the best, 4 top of the order test batsmen.

Comment by Bob Murrell

I have now looked at the score card. It is a rather unusual 4 in 4, numbers 9 and 11 in the first innings and 8 and 10 in the second. One other thing is that Cricinfo shows the 4 in 4 but does not mention the century.

Comment by Bob Murrell

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