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Next Year
July 1, 2016, 2:11 pm
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At the Ageas Bowl:

England v South Africa ODI on Saturday 27 May

England v South Africa T20 on Wednesday 21 June

England v West Indies ODI on Friday 29 September

(Mmm – really looking forward to 100 overs outdoors in the autumn!)


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The way our summers are going it’s the May one you need to be more concerned about………& on second thoughts…..will you really be “outside”??

Comment by joster69

Oh yes, for internationals I only ever go if I’m commentating for Hospitals and we’re usually outside on the balcony because the rooms are taken up by hospitality and all the visiting radio guys. Look for us next Tuesday (top of the Ingleby stand)

Comment by Dave Allen

I didn’t realise you got kicked outside on big match days 😕

I will, indeed, look out for you……Internationals are the only time I’m not to be found in my usual seat! So, if you look down from your lofty position you might spot me…..just to the right of the away teams steps

Comment by joster69

I’ll keep my eyes peeled. I’ll be wearing a pink carnation …

Comment by pompeypop

Actually not quite true. Last year I went once to an ODI in the Hotel, just to check it out. It cost a fortune, they gave us a programme each but then started taking some back because they ran out, we were sharing with people I didn’t know, the majority of whom were concerned mainly to get drunk as quickly as possible and England were never in it. Other than that it was fantastic. Never again.

Comment by Dave Allen

Presumably the ground wasn’t available in October for the West Indies ODI so they were forced to bring it forward.

Comment by James

‘sno good – I can’t resist it. How about Twenty/20 throughout the rainy season ( May to September), then the real game in the remaining months. Oh, you are not going to like this, Dave, the players will have to wear BLACK clothing (to show up against the snow (get the link?) and use orange balls – they are brilliant to see if you have got cataracts like mine! There, all solved, Ageas bowl used all year, coffers full and everybody happy…….. or am I just dreaming.

Comment by John West

Sounds quite brilliant John!!

Comment by pompeypop

I’ll wave on Tuesday from the front of the Hilton – fourth room to the left, second tier of balconies!!

Comment by Ageas

Waving not drowning?

Comment by Dave Allen

I hope so. Even with the rain we’ve had recently, I think the second tier of balconies should just about be safe

Comment by Ageas

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