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Saturday Sun
July 3, 2016, 7:07 am
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(Song by Nick Drake)

But no cricket

Sussex were at Hove yesterday. I like train rides to Hove, especially on Saturdays. I go armed with my headphones plus the Times and Guardian Review  and a large coffee, looking forward to sun, seagulls and sitting in a deck chair.

I arrived at Portsmouth Harbour for the 8.30 but it was ‘cancelled’. A man in railroad uniform told me that there was a signal problem so it was starting from Fratton. I caught the 8.53 to Wales, getting off at Fratton. But it was still cancelled.

A different man in railroad uniform (Railroad Bill perhaps?) told me he’d not heard about trains starting from Fratton and sent me to the ticket office. The assistant there informed me the problem had been cleared and advised the next Waterloo train to Havant and pick up the Southampton to Brighton at about 9.10. I did that.

That train arrived. Sadly it was only going as far as Barnham because of signalling problems.

I gave up.

I spent the morning in Chichester, saw a fine new exhibition (Christopher Wood) at the Pallant Gallery, ordered a new battery for my long-lens camera, bought an external CD drive for my Apple Notebook and came back with three new books (not one about cricket).

When I got home I discovered I’d missed James Vince’s fifty for England. Well played Mr Vince. Perhaps if I contrive to miss him in future he’ll get lots of runs!

Today I’m off to Stansted House to watch their (largely Portsmouth-based) team host Slindon on the 275th anniversary of the first Portsmouth v Slindon match. (I’m driving)


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Never mind Saturday Sun – congratulations on your appearance in the Saturday Times!

Comment by Jonathan Lord

Cheers Jonathan! A bit of fun – but will it ever happen again?

Comment by pompeypop

And he out scored Roy!

Comment by Paul

The really sad thing about James Vince’s performance yesterday was that there wasn’t a single mention of it on either the club’s Facebook or Twitter pages. If you were following them at all yesterday you wouldn’t even have known he was in the side. I find it incredible that there isn’t someone at the club that could actually get the balance of their social media right. At the same time as James was scoring runs a post appeared about tickets remaining for Tuesday. What better way to increase sales than to mention our own player (currently playing in the ODI) is in the squad.


Comment by joster69

We might need some new faces on the Committee …

Comment by Dave Allen


I can empathise with your problems on your journey to Hove. I have often had to travel via Shoreham, Worthing, Angmering, Littlehampton and all stations south when travelling there at weekends from Shenfield.

‘Railroad Bill’- that stirs a few memories – is he the one “who never worked and he never will”??

If it’s any consolation, my Saturday was probably worse than yours as I spent all afternoon trying to buy a ticket for ‘Peoples Sunday at Wimbledon through Ticketmaster and their useless website. Needless to say I failed! I remember having the same problems when trying to get a ticket for Malcolm Marshall’s Memorial Match at the HAC ground. The club, Hampshire that is, denied any knowledge of selling thetickets and referred me to Ticketmaster. Say no more – only this time I did eventually gain admittance through my own initiative.

Comment by Dave Wilson

That’s him Dave, good old Bill! I saw a report last week that Southern Rail tops the table for customer complaints. Hard to be surprised!

Comment by Dave Allen

Today’s BBC News site: Southern Rail is to axe 350 services a day under an amended timetable drawn up in response to ongoing disruption, a union has claimed. The RMT said it was given the figure at a meeting with parent firm Govia Thameslink (GTR).

Comment by pompeypop

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