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Faint Praise?
July 6, 2016, 9:48 am
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Joss Buttler got all the headlines, although it seems he was ‘out’ caught behind off Matthews. All the Sri Lankans went up and I thought that if they were that confident they should have referred it, but apparently that’s not possible in IT20s (why not?). ‘Snicko’ gave him out.

As for Liam, the Pompey News, which unusually this season had reporters present, described how Gunathilaka “struck his fourth ball for four” – well I guess you might describe an inside edge which just missed the stumps and went to fine leg as “struck” but there again, you might not. He got him next ball. After the match, his captain Eoin Morgan, confusing adjective & adverb said “I thought he did brilliant”.  Vic Marks (Guardian) described Liam’s three wickets and concluded tongue-in-cheek “easy game, this international cricket”. In The Times, Ageas Bowl regular Ivo Tennant, observed that Dawson bowled from his favoured pavilion end and described the pitch as “a little sluggish” but offering “some turn”.

Anyone buy the Daily Telegraph? What about Simon Walter in the Echo? Did any other ‘papers report the game – I saw the editor of Wisden Lawrence Booth sporting his ECB media pass with Daily Mail on it, but there are some organisations I cannot subsidise even when there might be interesting comments about Hampshire players …


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On something completely different about last night, did anyone buy the useless scorecard for £1. The Rules contained therein applied to the 50 over competition only, and there was no provision to record ‘Fall of Wickets’ and insufficient space to record ‘how out’. A really poor effort by Nat West or ECB or whoever produced the scorecard. And of course it was out of date as far as the composition of the teams was concerned.

Comment by Peter Jeffs

The first game scorecard was even worse. It had the ladies playing Sri Lanka (it was Pakistan).

Comment by Bob Elliott

Certainly printed at the ground but I’m almost sure the responsibility of the ECB. I bought two programmes for £6 each with which I got two scorecards. Then I asked for another card for the Women’s game which cost me another £1 – and as you both point out they were pretty poor efforts. I’m careful to make sure we keep a set of all cards for home matches and Bob & Richard Griffiths help, with Richard now ‘in charge’ of the collection. But some of them really are not up to much including last night.

Comment by pompeypop

Here’s one 😊http://www.express.co.uk/sport/cricket/686614/Liam-Dawson-Tymal-Mills-Eoin-Morgan-England-Sri-Lanka-T20-International-Cricket-News

This one has a promising headline but peters out! 😕


& this one doesn’t exactly give Liam much praise 😕


Comment by joster69

Oops…..managed to merge the first one

Here you go again

Here’s one 😊 http://www.express.co.uk/sport/cricket/686614/Liam-Dawson-Tymal-Mills-Eoin-Morgan-England-Sri-Lanka-T20-International-Cricket-News

Comment by joster69

WHERE DO THEY GET THESE PEOPLE? Jo very kindly sent a link to the Express report which has Liam in the headlines but then describes him as bowling “gentle off-spin”. Was he watching? Has he ever seen him?

Interestingly too, in the Pompey News today, the Hampshire report from Durham is ‘written’ by Rob Atkins including quotes from Benkenstein at the close-of-play. At around 5.30 pm last night I was eating some supper in the media centre in the Hotel, at a table that included Rob Atkins. “Beam Me Up Scotty”!!

Comment by pompeypop

By coincidence I was today reading the ECB Strategic Plan 2014-2017. It included an objective to “Sustain journalism awards through 2017 recognising the promotion of County cricket” by “Making awards to County journalists each year at the County Championship presentation day.”. Still some work to be done, then.

Comment by Hedgehog

Interesting – thanks. Who does that exactly? BBC’s ball-by-ball is an excellent innovation whereas local ‘papers are investing less time/resources in county cricket and ditto most dailies. Yet this Blog and many other social media sites suggest a transformation in the whole project of the representation of county cricket. The crucial difference is perhaps one of remuneration (or not). The days of the amateur/professional divide might have ended on the field – but off it?

Comment by pompeypop

Returning to the issue of yesterdays scorecards, I thought it was appalling if a possible first time visitor to a cricket match had to decipher why each bowler was entitled to a maximum of 10 overs (50 over rules) in a 20 over contest and a minimum of 20 overs per side had to be bowled to constitute a match (although that would perhaps appear logical for a first time visitor)
On the subject of no provision to record fall of wickets I spoke to Alan Fordham at the ECB last year about this and he asked me why there would be any need to record fall of wickets!! Just about says it all really.

Comment by Martin

Alan Fordham would seem to be the ideal ECB employee. Clueless.

Comment by James

Indeed it does Martin. One reason, Mr Fordham, would be because it’s the fans who shell out and they would like it.

No, sorry – being naive. Who cares what fans want?

How about to record the fact that Buttler & Morgan shared a record third wicket partnership in ODIs for any side at the A Bowl yesterday? We have a collection of scorecards revealing such things going back well over 100 years and the artefacts in themselves (unlike on-line sites) bring pleasure to some people. I can find the on-line, Wisden etc scorecard of the very first game I saw in 1959 – but even better I have the original scorecard, purchased at the ground, some information printed and the rest completed in my best 10-year-old writing. For me it’s priceless. It’s even possible that someone in yesterday’s crowd had come for the first time too …

Comment by pompeypop

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