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Slow Down
July 14, 2016, 12:19 pm
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(Larry Williams – great rock & roll)

England in just over two hours, have bowled 26 overs – disgraceful. Maybe they should keep them out there during lunch to complete the designated 15 overs per hour. Someone could take out cheese sandwiches and bananas. The third and fourth umpires could ‘spell’ their mates for the extra bit so that they could get a proper lunch. Alternatively they could calculate the run-rate in the session and add penalty runs to the batting side. Today, Pakistan are just short of three runs per over so, four overs short, Pakistan could be given 12 penalty runs. In addition, play could always stop at the designated time of 6pm with no overtime, but spectators could be reimbursed proportionately for every over they don’t see – and the players could pay. Maybe they could just do all those things and give the captain a public beating too …


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All of them and ban them from playing footy as a further punishment

Comment by Paul


Comment by pompeypop

Incidentally, in perfectly acceptable weather they didn’t manage to bowl 90 overs in the day plus the extra half-hour

Comment by pompeypop

87 in 6.5 hours = 13 and a third per hour.

Comment by Ageas

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