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Mind the Gap
July 18, 2016, 9:23 pm
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I was in a conversation the other day when I heard again the frequent proposal that the gap between Div One and Div Two is getting larger. How do people measure that? I hear it regularly from Sky commentators (and others) who as far as I’m aware rarely watch Championship cricket.

I think teams like Yorkshire, Middlesex and Warwickshire at full strength are better than most others but it was always the case that certain teams dominated, Surrey in the 1950s, Yorkshire in the 1960s, Hampshire for a time in the 1970s, Essex then Middlesex (etc), Surrey at the turn of the century.  I’ve seen a bit of Div Two cricket this year (and last) and it’s not clear to me that Hampshire are better than some of the Div Two sides – or that Essex, Kent and others are inferior to some Div One teams.

I hope that on days three & four of this match, Hampshire play like a Div One side and come out in credit – but they haven’t managed that so far.


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It’s also said that there is a gap between County Cricket & International Cricket……but aren’t gaps just opportunities to be jumped, bridged or filled? Or are they just convenient imaginings to separate what doesn’t need separating at all!?

Comment by joster69

I personally think there has been a huge gap between 1st and 2nd division over the past few seasons. This is due to experience and bowling. The gap is now slightly smaller.

The main reason was the bowling attacks. At full strength 1st division sides have four international wannabe bowlers.
Hampshire haven’t! But injuries have not helped.

There are no England test players playing second division. Am I correct?

However Second div is stronger this year as The toss rule has improved wickets and teams have signed more oversees players with English passports to improve experience and bowling attacks.

Comment by jim

The current England Test captain has actually played quite a lot of second division cricket this season Jim!

Comment by James

Moeen Ali has also played in three Championship games for Worcestershire as well.

Comment by James

I think Alastair Cook might just beg to differ Jim 😳

Comment by joster69

My basic question is how many people watch enough First AND Second Division cricket to make the comparison. Very few top journalists (esp ex-players) see much Div Two. I watch both but I’m not sure at present I see enough Div Two to make a clear judgement, although I accept that the best Div One sides have more decent bowlers – not just two or three. The umpires might be best placed of all.

Comment by pompeypop

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