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Sad Sad Day
July 20, 2016, 8:18 pm
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(It’s a track by one of my real all time favourites Muddy Waters)

I’m sad because I don’t believe we should have lost that match – especially since McManus and Wheal batted well into the first hour again this morning.

I think there is one overwhelming reason why we can’t do what we did last year: we can’t win matches because we have no one who can bowl sides out twice. There is no Fidel Edwards. From this week onwards in 2015, he took 32 wickets in the last five matches. There is no one who can do that – or indeed get remotely close.

In the current Division One averages we have not one player in the Top 25 batsmen and worse, not one bowler in the Top 40.


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I’m gonna let you down!

Comment by Paul

I’m afraid you are quite correct in your analysis Dave. Our batting is very poor (as witnessed by only Sussex having less batting bonus points in either division) but that hardly matters now as high scoring draws won’t save us. We need to bowl sides to win at least a couple of matches and we haven’t got anyone to do that.

Realistically our management need to start planning now for division two next season and look to build a side to win promotion. But I suspect they will be far more occupied in seeing if they can sign-up more overseas “superstars” to win a few T20 slogathons. After all the Championship is irrelevant today isn’t it?

Comment by James

I agree, we will not survive with draws alone. We need to win at least 3 of our last 6. Our only hope is that Reece Topley is due back in August. He is capable of bowling teams out. Or am I being over optimistic. “Let’s Hang On”.

Comment by Tigger

There are murmurings of some poor decisions this afternoon…..I can’t possibly comment from my position & the commentary team didn’t have the best (of a usually great) view either. I know you take the rough with the smooth when it comes to decisions……but so much more difficult to take if there were decisions that ended our fight back prematurely.

Comment by joster69

Yes, our beneficiary looked particularly peeved, Jo . . .

Comment by Bob Elliott

Kevan often says that on commentary he notes such decisions and later asks the player – usually off air – who will admit it was out all along. In addition Surrey clearly had some shouts that they thought were out and didn’t get – even with Curran regularly appealing for ‘bat-before-wicket’. But whatever, we lost because Surrey were far better than we were, pretty well throughout – even with only ten players.

The problem next season will be investing too much hope too soon in a group of young players who need time to mature. As Bob Murrell has observed we don’t have a mid-late 20s group of experienced yet still youthful players and of those we have, only Wheater played because of England calls.

We’ve been very unlucky this year. At the start of this season we might have hoped to play Surrey with Carberry, Vince, Dawson, Edwards and Topley but we didn’t – and they had lost the other Curran and Ansari plus Dernbach (others?). It happens and our squad was always rather thin. Our ageing pace attack was too much all the same but what’s the option? There may be a signing or two in the winter but will we entice someone like Chopra to come and play in Div Two? We may have to emulate Leics with a ‘cast off’ or two, and settle for more than one season down there before the ‘kids’ mature.

Comment by pompeypop

I see Barclay commented on Mason’s 51 overs:
I wondered if he might have been over-bowled, but should an opposing captain be criticising like that?

Comment by Dave Pople

Dave – do you mean Batty? I haven’t seen anything, but I must admit I thought there was a case for giving him a break late on during that large stand. I wonder why Sean Ervine (for example) couldn’t bowl a few overs?

Comment by pompeypop

This is probably the article Dave is talking about

It was a surprise Ervine didn’t bowl a few overs just to mix things up unless he was carrying an injury of course.

Comment by James

Oh yes – Batty, of course.
I guess Dawson was missed.

Comment by Dave Pople

It’s a very interesting article Dave and thanks for pointing us to it. Ultimately it seems to me that it’s none of Batty’s business (he loves a ‘wind up’ to quote Dr Feelgood) and it’s difficult to judge whether it will help or harm Mason at this point. I saw Mason in passing on Wednesday morning and we had a brief chat. He’s delightful and said he was still “a bit stiff” but he was also perfectly cheerful. He seems to me simply delighted to be playing cricket at the level he is, and long may that last.

Comment by pompeypop

Whereas I’m sure there was a bit of the “wind-up” in Batty’s comments (he does have history I believe) but he does have a point about the dangers of over bowling a youngster. I hope the coach and captain will make sure this doesn’t happen.

Comment by James

Lets keep cheerful boys! I agree with Dave’s sentiments entirely, but the youngsters in the 20/20 and championship games excite me. Some bold changes now, might just help us ignite the top 4 batting positions in the championship, which regularly do not score 100 runs between them.

Comment by Chas C

Welcome to the Blog Chas (first time I think?) and thanks for the positive message. Not always easy but cheers – and indeed ref the Top Four, an interesting experiment with McLaren at four which yielded nearly 100 runs in the two innings.

Comment by pompeypop

2nd post since 2010!! In truth I was also tearing my hair out yesterday at wickets tumbling and with no scoring. But Griffiths Wheal and Wetherly the week before against Glamorgan in the 20/20 – under pressure – played very well. That’s the spirit we need.

Comment by Chas C

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