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Good Crowd, Nice Weather
July 22, 2016, 9:52 pm
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As the Pythons said, always look on the bright side …

(Not the finest of weeks)

I wish you all a fine weekend; blow the cricket, mine’s pretty musical.

Having posted this, I checked my emails. Hampshire Cricket have offered me (a Life Member) a cut-rate half-year membership. Are they not telling me something?


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Me too!!!

But then as I always come in the East Gate where the ticket scanners never work the club probably think I never turn up!

Had no chance to win a holiday to Barbados……jolly good job I’ve already booked my own trip!

Comment by joster69

That could be it Jo. I always come in through the Media gate so as far as they know I’m never there. Incidentally they always produce an analysis of members and attendance rates. You and I (plus) will be in the list of members who never come. I’ll point out to them that since that’s not quite true in our cases it may not be so in others too!

Comment by pompeypop

I have emailed the club today……got no response to my tweet last night but then I guess the press team had a lot of other stuff going on following today’s news about Dale.

Here’s a snippet

I attended the T20 match last night (as I have attended many other days of cricket this year) and entered via the East gate. As I prefer to sit that side of the ground this is always my gate of preference.

All season, & most of the last few, our membership cards are not scanned on entry & we are just “clicked” in. Not really a problem but last night’s attendance gave the opportunity to win prizes. Sadly any member, myself included, entering via the East gate would have been invisible when it came to the draw. I would have attended anyway but that is hardly the point.

A couple of years ago I received a gift for being amongst the highest attenders of the season. My attendances haven’t gone down but no such recognition since. Again, I don’t attend to receive any recognition, but if these processes are in place they should be applied universally.

I don’t want this to be viewed as a complaint but more as an observation.

Comment by joster69

Of course this is precisely the kind of issue that can be raised by the Members’ Committee in meetings with the plc ….

Comment by pompeypop

Had the same email despite being an Executive Member for years! And I always come through the West Gate!

Incidentally, I understand Reece Topley has yet to restart his bowling programme as England have asked the club to take it slowly. It is unlikely Reece will play for us this season says my club source.

Comment by Ron Griffiths

I think the half year membership emails just go to everybody on their contact list. A little disconcerting for those of us that are already members but I guess it might be a difficult job to weed us all out of the mass mailing!?

Comment by joster69

Not so, Jo. I attend every game – through the West gate – and I have not ben invited to buy a £99 membership, even though the club emails me about every thing else.

Comment by John West

Oh dear, too early for this. ‘ben’ should be ‘been’

Comment by John West

Hmm……well that does suggest then that the club think I’m not bothering to turn up 😕

Comment by joster69

Are you sure the half year membership deals aren’t for next season when we might be competitive in half the games?

Comment by James

Maybe James! In which case I’m expecting any day now, my 50% rebate for this season. And of course there will be a reduction in prices next year to acknowledge the loss of four days of Championship cricket

Comment by pompeypop

Not sure why John didn’t get that email (sort of thing for the Committee Jo) but impressed that as with WG at Lord’s he has a gate named after him – a reward for loyalty!

Comment by pompeypop

There’s that committee word again…….& as for loyalty might have to use my photos or Twitter activity as evidence of attendance…..both here & Barbados!! 😝

Comment by joster69

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