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It’s a Family Affair
July 24, 2016, 7:36 am
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BBC Radio Solent have put on-line the whole interview by Kevan James with Dale Benkenstein (below). Halfway through he describes how tough it is releasing players and refers to one in particular. I’ve listened three times, and I have no idea who it is. A couple of other points:

I suggested yesterday that he referred to ‘Tommo’s’ coaching but I misheard. He said “Charlie and Tony”

Kevan referred to two interesting decisions leading to Liam going to Essex and coming back a more effective player, and then recently taking the gloves from Adam Wheater. Dale points out that Wheater then made large (HS) scores in the 2nd XI and 1st XI but apparently still does not agree with the decision

Listen at


PS I’m told that a big fast bowler from Derbyshire will play for the 2nd XI tomorrow. I don’t know his name. 



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That will be Ole Mortensen then…

Comment by John Cottrell

My guess would be andy carter who is currently not playing at Derby. Used to play at Notts.

Comment by jim

Dave, DB did mention “Tommo and Charlie” at about 2 minutes 20 seconds. Also, I have listened to the part about releasing players 7 or 8 times, and I think he said “Colesey”.

Comment by John West

He definitely said Colesy (Matt Coles) & does also mention Tommo in a coaching role.

I thought it was a good listen & although we kind of know his situation I don’t think any of us fully appreciated the sacrifice he’s made regarding family time.

It was also nice to hear his comments about how much he has enjoyed the job & that the club have put his needs first……I hope it was all as friendly as it sounded.

None of us know how hard a job might be or what toll it will take on us until we are doing it & I hope that the supporters as a whole will respect the reasons behind the decision that Dale has had to make.

I, for one, wish him well because settling back at home & leaving behind a job he says he loves is also going to be a challenge.

Comment by joster69

He is commenting on having to let Matt Coles go. He uses “Colesie” when talking about it.

Comment by Terry

Many thanks from Davey, to Crumpy, Westy and (???) Josie for clarifying what Benksy said about Colesy and Tommoie (???). I’m getting a bit ‘mutt’ this days – too many years standing in close proximity to large guitar amplifiers and drummers I suspect.

Comment by pompeypop

Ha……my mum calls my Josie so spot on 😊

Comment by joster69

Tom Milnes or Greg Cork?

Comment by James

Cork? Hmm. Didn’t we have a bloke called Cork once before?

Comment by Dave Allen

Yes he was rather good wasn’t he?

(Greg is Dominic’s son for anyone who doesn’t know).

Comment by James

Maybe it’s Andy Carter, ex Notts and just released by Derbyshire? The question has to be, how exciting is any Derbyshire ‘reject’ going to be?

Comment by Dave Allen

It is Andy Carter and in 2nd XI today…

Comment by John Cottrell

The match has begun but Hants are batting and CricHQ is not showing the full side yet so still a mystery. Joe Weatherley out early and Will Smith is in. Liam Dawson playing for Lions again – is he available tomorrow?

Comment by Dave Allen

Andy Carter moved to Derbyshire from Notts this year and has now been released by Derbys one year into a two-year contract. He is at number 79 in this year’s first-class (Div Two) averages with a best of 3-114 and six wickets at 73 apiece.

Comment by pompeypop

Meanwhile Jake Goodwin scored 42 today and Will Smith 93. As with Jimmy a couple of weeks ago, Will is too good for the 2nd XI but approaching the end of his first team career

Comment by pompeypop

When I left, it looked like Kent were going to win, but by the time I got home crichq wasn’t showing the Hampshire game, so I don’t know for sure . . . Mr Carter was big and quite fast, but doesn’t look like he is the answer to our problems.

Comment by Bob Elliott

I wish him absolutely no ill, but he’s not our first pace bowling signing who looks at best second division quality.

Comment by pompeypop

Lost by 1 wicket, GT Griffiths 6-fer . . .

Comment by Bob Elliott

Yes indeed, with 4 balls to spare. GG 6-27, Carter 0-40.

Comment by Dave Allen

Interesting however that Mr Griffiths is not in the 14 for the match v Kent today.

Comment by Dave Allen

I think Griffiths looks useful

Comment by Paul

I realise I might have confused things since our old Griffiths was playing in the big game (for Kent) and our new Griffiths in the 2nd XI. It seems to me that if GG is in any sense a long-term prospect we should be looking at him rather than … (???). If he’s not, I can’t see the point of him playing for our 2nd XI

Comment by pompeypop

Three more today, and 4 catches for the ‘keeper, but Hagget going for another ton spoilt the party . . .

Comment by Bob Elliott

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