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July 25, 2016, 7:24 am
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If you are one of the folks who used to like clicking on my photos and enlarging and now find you cannot:

Please go (below) to ‘Flying’ – posted on Saturday – and see whether you can now do that with the Griffiths photo

We are in experimental mode here and I just might have enabled that to happen with that photo. If it works I can do it with others. (I’m getting lots of help here and I’m not your typical IT technician!!)

If it doesn’t …


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Double click doesn’t; but right click ‘open in new tab’ does work. Well done, Pompeyeepopee, as I suppose we must now call you. All the best, Ageasy

Comment by Ageas

No, unfortunately clicking to get an enlargement isn’t enabled on that Flying photo. (If it were enabled the cursor would usually change from an arrow to a hand when moved over the image.)

The last blog entry on which this enlargement feature worked was in October 2015. (The right-click to open in tab has always worked but doesn’t enlarge the photo to its original resolution.)

Comment by Hedgehog

OK, I’m sorry – there is a longer process which might work but having lost my printer facility last week (and entirely unable to resurrect it) I’m not going there!! I never have the courage to interfere with computers when something works, SO

The photos will have to stay as they are EXCEPT: If you see one of mine and love it so much (!) that you’d like the original as a jpeg, email me and I’ll send it to you.

However, if you start talking about dpis I will respond with a 3,000 word essay on the true meaning of the word surreal and its outrageous misuse in the modern world – particularly by sportsmen who never faced the pace bowling of André Breton or tried to operate a sewing machine.

(This offer doesn’t apply to copyright archive pix I’m afraid as I’m not entitled)


Comment by pompeypop

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