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Extra, Extra, Read All About It
July 27, 2016, 9:22 pm
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(It’s the first line of Edwin Starr’s “Headline News”)

Good win tonight – still in with a chance of a quarter final and one of those spoons has certainly vanished for now!

Thanks to Paul for alerting us to the article in today’s Daily Telegraph, and in case you missed it the link is below. Very interesting – albeit as my interest in county cricket wanes almost by the day. Check in particular the attendance figures at the foot. I’m not clear about the calculations given Hampshire’s two postponements and their poor performances this year:



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The figure is based on number of tickets sold as a % of ground capacity. This is listed as 15000. That seems high in that I know we can get 15000 in for an odi but with extra seating brought in. I thought the permanent seated capacity was around 10000?

Comment by Ian

I think the original seating held just under 10,000 but the Warne and Ingleby-Mackenzie stands increased this by about 4,000.

Comment by Ian White

We do much better in terms of the table on total attendance (otherwise you can top the table for having a small ground 100% sold out) – especially as our two biggest money spinners – El Classicoast and Family Funday – were both rained off.

Comment by Ageas

I agree with Ageas. Ranking the counties in order of percentage of capacity is pointless. 7 counties have a lower attendance than Hants, so this sentence in the final paragraph is misguided “The counties that are struggling are the Test match grounds outside London.”

Comment by Hedgehog

On the attendance, as capacity is 15,000 (original 10 plus 5 in the stands whose cost led to the Eastleigh takeover), 27% implies either average sales of 4000 or 6000 depending on whether its over 4 homegames, or, absurdly 6. Perhaps that doesn’t include the members that go.

Anyone who thinks that’s where the future lies can’t count.

I enjoyed this remark from another [far inferior 😉 ] blog… “Can you imagine if the Royal and Ancient decided to prioritise crazy golf over The Masters?”.

Comment by Jeremy

Thinking about our attendances for T20 I perceive that there is plenty of support from the Southampton area and the west out as far as Dorset, from the north up to Basingstoke say, but the appeal east probably only extends as far as Fareham, missing out on Portsmouth, Havant, Waterlooville etc. Living in the vicinity its clear to me that Hampshire cricket has a very low profile, whether that’s a marketing issue its not clear but it doesn’t help that the Ageas Bowl is often considered to be based in and belonging to Southampton.

Comment by Peter Jeffs

I do my best but I’m afraid Peter is pretty accurate in terms of Pompey at least. I know a few regulars from that area who come but they are a few, whereas when we played in the city way back there were thousands – plenty of whom saw Hampshire as their club and would therefore go to Southampton, Bournemouth etc as well. Once the T20 city franchise is in place they won’t call it Portsmouth, that’s for sure. If they call it Southampton, even fewer will come.

Comment by pompeypop

Some even call it Southamptonshire.

Comment by Paul

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