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George Garton
July 27, 2016, 4:18 pm
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10-0-40-3 today and all three specialist batsmen (Adams, Dawson, Smith)

19-year old left-arm pace bowler, born in Brighton, plays for Sussex

A bit like that promising young Hampshire pace bowler born in Southampton/Portsmouth

Now what’s his name?

(Sadly once again, no Danny Briggs)


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It’s amazing that other counties can produce local, promising pace bowlers and Hampshire never do. what do they do in the Academy? Do they ever watch local club cricket?
I live in Essex (for my sins?) but am not an Essex fan – far from it! However, I must admit they have a knack of discovering local talent and encouraging it. In recent years Topley, Salisbury, Moore, Porter and one other whose name escapes me (could be Walker or Warner) have all played for the 1st X1. What do Hants do? Sign Andrew who must be the worst bowler I’ve seen in nearly 70 years of watching Hampshire.

More gloomy rumours circulating during the Surrey game last week – 1) Dawson is wanted by Essex. 2) Our captain, Vince, has said that if Hants are relegated he will join Middlesex. Only rumours I know but where there’s smoke ……….. Does anyone have any news on this?

Comment by Dave Wilson

Producing fast bowlers is tough. Character, accuracy, skill and attributes are all needed.
Since we have started playing at the ageas we have produced hampshire born tremlett, Bruce, tomlinson, Griffiths and wood. Not that many but if fast bowling was easy we would all do it.

name me another Sussex home grown of recent years….. lewry, Martin jenkins, Kirtley….. going back a while.

I have played southern league for 15 years. Very few bowlers I have seen are even second eleven standard.
The best I have seen was gold straw (BAT) pineot (havant) senneck south wilts (army)
Goldstraw in his thirties was county level. Had everything.

I think your criticism of Andrew is harsh.
He has played a decade of county cricket with a good record.

Our academy has produced some good batters and spinners. I agree The icing on the cake would be more fast and nasties.

Comment by jim

And also produced a string of w/ks

Comment by Ageas

First I’ve heard of it Dave but these days, who knows?

Comment by pompeypop

I was referring here to the rumours about Vince & Dawson

Comment by pompeypop

Danny was on the scorecard tonight, but actually was 12th man

Comment by Ageas

I cannot reply immediately to Jim as that direct thread has run out but it’s an interesting comment about Dan Goldstraw (“county level, had everything”). He spent a year on the staff at Hampshire and was deemed not good enough, so it might be that we do produce them but our judgement is out? As for Tremlett, Bruce, Tomlinson, Griffiths, Wood – I was making a very specific point about inner cities (Brighton, Southampton, Portsmouth). Tremlett ‘sort of’ came from Southampton’s suburbs but his family connections made him unusual/advantaged while Tomlinson and Wood came from the north of the county. Meanwhile, neither Griffiths nor Wood have ever established themselves in Championship cricket.

But if you are including those five, two of whom are already retired, and none play regular county cricket these days, why not compare with Kirtley, & Lewry from a similar period? The point is Hampshire have almost never produced their own pace bowlers – even when Sussex had Tony Buss or Don Bates our attack was Shackleton (Yorks), White (midlands) and Cottam (Lincs). I’m sure you’re right about the Southern League but that’s an indictment of all those plans by the TCCB/ECB over many decades. What exactly is the point of all that legislation, all those rules if not to improve standards?

Incidentally, check our established mid-20s and most promising players (Vince, Dawson, Wheater, Alsop, McManus, Wheal, Crane) What do they have in common? Not one born in Hampshire, let alone from an inner city.

Comment by pompeypop

With regard to the last point Dave I suppose we should congratulate our coaching staff for acquiring them from under the noses of other counties!

Comment by James

I agree James and in the modern world, I’ve no issue with people found in neighbouring counties and developed through our age group sides. I guess if a county the size and population of Hampshire can’t produce any top cricketers we’ll have to look elsewhere – but it’s pretty sad. Really, only under Desmond Eagar did we ever have a strong thread of Hampshire-born players.

Comment by pompeypop

I do agree Dave, I was just trying to find a positive!

Comment by James

I’ll give Jim two more Sussex born and bred fast bowlers of recent years – Matthew Hobden and Lewis Hatchett. Sadly we will never know how good the former would have been and the latter has overcome great adversity to reach the level he has.

Comment by James

See from our website see that we have signed Andrew Carter until end of season. Released by Derbyshire during first year of a two year contract must say something…..

Watched him on Monday v Kent 2nd XI in a one day match and again on Tuesday v Kent 2nd XI at Newclose and whilst bowled some good balls only a average fast medium bowler (IMHO) and he only bowled in the first innings on the Island with figures of 24-2-80-2.

Also Gavin Griffiths only bowled in the first innings of the Championship match with figures of 24-6-53-3 and looked to me a better prospect. He also took 6 wickets on Monday in the Trophy match.

Hampshire 2nd XI are 87-4 needing another 279 to win at lunch on last day….

Comment by John Cottrell

Should have it wrapped up by tea then John!

Comment by James

But something odd’s happening at Derby – three players released this week, new part-time coach (Cork) late in the season. I wouldn’t damn him for that – time will tell

Comment by Ageas

Thanks for that info John – I guess it’s been a bit breezy over there today?

Comment by pompeypop

Hampshire 2nd XI lost heavily: Kent 396-8d & 208-4 beat Hants 238 & 170. ‘Tommo’ bowled in the second innings (two wickets). In Hants second innings Felix Organ scored 67. Joe Weatherley two low scores so little cover for our batting on show.

Comment by pompeypop

Tommo bowled in first innings as well but did not bat…been some rain today I think too.
Hampshire used 12 players not sure about Kent.

Comment by John Cottrell

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