Hampshire Cricket History

Halfway to Paradise
August 2, 2016, 8:45 pm
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Four above us, four below us. Not quite close enough – but maybe no Fury?



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It’s like the ‘old days’ then – 2nd August and only County Championship cricket to watch. Lovely – I wonder when that last happened this soon? I’m cheering up!

Comment by pompeypop

Nothing but white shirts and trousers too. Now about those orange boots Mason (and pass the G&T)

Comment by pompeypop

Unless you watch the Vipers……two more home T20’s 😊

Comment by joster69

Who just so happen to play in…………..ORANGE!!!!!!!

Comment by joster69

Well the future might be Orange Jo, but the present is definitely pure White; Daz White; Surf white, non-biological White. In fact to keep the ‘pop’ references going, “All White Now, Baby I’m All White Now”

Comment by pompeypop

Thought I would have a go with the music theme – thanks to Boney M for the idea.

Yellow hat in the bin
Tra la la la la la
Yellow hat in the bin
Tra la la la la la
Orange hat two to go
Tra la la la la
Come on Vipers you can win
That I’m sure you know

Goodnight campers!

Comment by John West

Sorry Jo – this is SO unusual it’s too good to spoil. After all from 1969 for three (+) decades there was the Sunday League to the end of the season. Then knock-out cup matches, Finals days etc … I’m basking already!

Comment by pompeypop

From 1969……..what a year that was 😝

Comment by joster69

Time for your pill, Mr Allen, you’re getting overexcited

Comment by Ageas

Here I am stuck in the middle with you

Comment by Paul

A whiter shade of pale!

Comment by James

Let’s go round again.
The Average White Band

Comment by StephenFH

Moody Blues “Days in White Flannels”

Comment by pompeypop

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