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Slow Down
August 7, 2016, 6:18 pm
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(Larry Williams – classic rock & roll)

Hampshire v Lancashire:

374 overs, 1,033 runs at 2.76 runs per over

26% of the overs were Maidens

19 wickets fell at one every 19.68 overs

That is the longest wait for a wicket in any Div One match this season. Previously it was Middx v Lancs at 17.13.


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So therefore it must all be Lancashires fault 😊

Comment by joster69

I’m guessing that I am (as usual) in the minority. I didn’t think that the game was particularly tedious……

There have been many complaints about our batsmen throwing their wickets away yet those same people aren’t happy when the likes of Will Smith set themselves to occupy the crease. You can’t have it both ways. Yes, there haven’t been lots of wickets but there were times that were enthralling.

Today, particularly, was a case of the Lancashire team batting with the sole intention of not losing wickets. Their stubborn determination was rewarded with a draw. Maybe if we had an out & put strike bowler we may have made inroads but let’s remember, they only managed to take six wickets.

I am disappointed to keep hearing “we need this sort of bowler” or that player x “needs putting out to pasture”. The team we have are working hard to overcome the difficult start to the season……nobody could foresee the injury woes that have befallen us or the tragic news regarding Michael Carberry. And, there isn’t a little shelf full of excellent players sat waiting for a county to need them.

The members complaining that this week was boring are mostly the same ones that don’t like T20 or limited overs cricket. Isn’t that, though, what you watch if you want to see lots of wickets falling or quick runs scored?!

Comment by joster69

It wasn’t Hampshire that failed to take wickets, it was Hampshire and Lancashire. At the rate at which wickets fell, even with more falling today, it would have taken about seven days to complete that game and the fault lies with the pitch more than the players. The alternative is not a game like this OR T20. The alternative is a match in which bat and ball have an even chance and in this – unlike all the other first-class games this week – it was too easy for batsmen not to get out. I said on air that I enjoyed today far more than I expected but it’s crazy that someone bowling as well as Wheal Has not taken one wicket. Where was the pitch liaison officer? Why are counties allowed to produce dead strips? Four full days and not even 50% of the wickets fell.

Comment by Dave Allen


Comment by James

I totally agree with you Dave, the flat wicket produced for this match was totally unacceptable and is the sort that will kill Championship cricket. 19 wickets in 4 days!!!!
I don’t blame the groundsman for this as I’m sure he was acting on orders, I blame the hierarchy at the club.
I use my valuable holidays from work to come and support Hampshire and watch 4 day cricket plus the 2 other forms, much to my girlfriend’s annoyance, but I am beginning to wonder why I bother. Some of the comments coming out of the club and the way we are treated (dreadful PA system, rubbish scoreboard, highest membership fees in the country, no access to the outfield etc) make me feel like we are an inconvenience more than anything else when it comes to 4 day cricket. They can’t even be bothered to publicise it, or indeed 50 over matches, on the What’s On board outside the complex. I also see the cage cricket has disappeared for no discernible good reason as far as I can gather – no wonder very few children attend.
Sorry to be so negative but I currently feel totally disengaged from the club, or at least the management there, with what they are trying to achieve. Maybe I’ll feel happier in the morning!

Comment by Andy

And no proper ice cream vendor…..
Probably the only County not to have one…..priced out by our management..

Comment by John Cottrell

I hope you do feel happier Andy. I’ve made this observation before but probably worth repeating. Cage Cricket is not liked by the ECB (maybe because it wasn’t their idea). That view was inherited by quite a few of the people at Hampshire who are involved in cricket below the first-class level (despite clear support for Cage from Rod Bransgrove) and between them they were able to get the Cage removed despite evidence that the kids really enjoyed it. There was a rumour that it would reappear but it hasn’t.

Cage was ‘created’ in Hampshire, and I have certainly observed before that it makes me very sad that Hampshire is the only cricket organisation that has set itself against it – whereas Portsmouth Football Club is developing its use of the game! It was aimed primarily to engage young people from inner cities. At present Hampshire have on their books precisely no one from Portsmouth or Southampton. – maybe they don’t care?

Comment by pompeypop

Thank you Dave, I do feel happier yes although frustrated to hear that certain people at the club aren’t supporters of cage cricket and have got it removed. Outrageous!

Comment by Andy

On participation, Simon Mann did a TMS interval with the new ECB guy in charge (“bat and ball experience” etc), wisely they picked an Aussie for the role… no mention of Cage Cricket at all. Available as a podcast.

On the Lancs game. Taunton did sound more fun, but I’m not sure our pitch was as bad as the numbers make it look. Smith and Adams were both determined to make scores, and did what it took to do so – not pretty, but better than the usual alternative of 25 and out, which would in all probability have lost this game. Overall, the numbers aren’t vastly different from the last Surrey home game.. 13.8 overs per wicket, they were just all ours 😦

Comment by Jeremy

They were indeed – but the figures were quite a lot different; as you say, 13.8 overs per wkt overall in the Surrey match, but 19.65 in this one. One of the other slow ones was our game at Edgbaston (15.65) – therefore our past three matches. Begs the question, to what extent is it down to the pitch and to what extent a Hampshire attack deprived especially of Edwards and Topley (plus not picking Tino in those three)? Incidentally on the overall ratings through the season, five counties now have averages of under 10 overs per wkt (Edgbaston with 9.24 the quickest), while Ageas Bowl (11.72) and Lord’s (13.14) wait the longest.

Comment by pompeypop

Plus, there was one over more bowled in this Hants v Lancs match than in the Surrey game, but 228 fewer runs throughout.

Comment by pompeypop

The average run rate from the “Highest Match aggregates” cricinfo list for Div1, 51 games, is 3.32.

Three of our Ageas games are at 2.76, 2.89 and 2.9, the very low end of the range (Lancs, War, Notts). And three above, 3.74, 3.38 and 3.34, Somerset Surrey and Middlesex.

The overs per wkt were 20, 10 and 8 for the first three, 10, 14 and 12 the last three.

The Surrey and Lancs games were similar, atritional affairs. Whilst I quite accept both the pitch and the weakened seam attacks are big factors, perhaps the “will” of the batsmen drives the numbers as well as the bounciness or otherwise of the track. And of course when a team sets out solely to save the follow on, batting time as they do so, that serves to make the pitch look even worse.

That said, I’d prefer the Taunton game every time, and have never understood why anyone finds run fests enjoyable, the game is always best when there’s balance between bat and ball.

The single most boring day I’ve ever spent at the game may have been the Carbs Mckenzie 500 partnership day – this game was FAR better than that!

Comment by Jeremy

On a very minor statistical note, why was Lancs’ final total 98-3 rather than 102, with the four driven by Hameed off the last ball apparently disregarded? Was anyone else puzzled by this? Surely the captains shook hands at the end of the over rather than while the ball was travelling to the boundary?

Comment by Ian White

I was on air with Kevan at the time and we commented on it because I got confused about Hameed’s final not out score – not least conscious of our Lancs listeners. But it’s not like a goal ten seconds after the final whistle blows is it? so I think it should have counted.

Comment by pompeypop

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