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Spin, Spin, Spin
August 7, 2016, 6:05 pm
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(It’s a somewhat obscure 60s cult recording from the fairly psychedelic HP Lovecraft)

Anyway it was that kind of day wasn’t it, but Liam Dawson in particular and Mason Crane gave it a go. Liam came into this match having taken just four pretty expensive wickets in the Championship all season – and never more than one in an innings. But he started last night, took three in each innings and finished with match figures of 6-85.

Mason struck first this morning, dismissing Kerrigan:

Crane first wkt Kerrigan day 4 Lancs.jpg

Dawson did for Jarvis

Dawson strikes Jarvis out .jpg

And Mason finished off the first innings when Croft was stumped by McManus

Croft st McManus b Crane.jpg

Leading to celebrations



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Talking of spin, spin, spin, the lunchtime TMS interval yesterday gave Swann and Tufnell full reign on spin (and the need for captains who understand how to use it). As an ignorant bystander it was illuminating and I encourage anyone to listen to it on replay. I wondered which past Hampshire captains were successful at setting fields for spinners? And ..er…which were less successful!

Comment by Chas C

Difficult to know, although for sure Mr Warne was good. After the war, Desmond Eagar had a number of spinners (Bailey, Knott, Hill, Dare etc) while Ingleby had Sainsbury, Burden, Wassell but also some superb quicker men. Back before the War, Stuart Boyes was very successful and further back Jack Newman – both playing for Tennyson

Comment by pompeypop

I heard the piece Chas mentioned and agree it was very interesting.

In essence the view was that when it came to spin bowling there were three types of captain – those who understood it and knew how to set fields for it, those who didn’t understand it but had the good sense to let the spinners set their own fields and those who didn’t understand it and didn’t have the previously mentioned sense. Tufnell & Swann believe the only problem is with the latter.

Warne was mentioned as a spinner who took control whether he was captain or not and whether his captain wanted him to or not!

Comment by James

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