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August 7, 2016, 6:19 am
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Here’s a very interesting Comment from Richard Taylor which, in case you missed it, I’m using as this morning’s new Post. I was chatting to Richard Griffiths yesterday and we were saying how sad that on an August Saturday, there seemed to be no young people around. Well there was at least one teenager, as Richard reveals:

“As a member who can only attend Championship games at the weekend I’ve had this one pencilled in for sometime, potential of 2 days of cricket to watch. Attended today with my 14 year old son, we left at tea. He’s very willing but difficult trying to sell today’s play to him, we won’t be coming tomorrow”

Difficult to be surprised by that reaction and sad that it’s necessary. Here by contrast many yesterdays ago, is a photo taken by the Pompey Evening News in August 1961. The match is Hampshire v Leicestershire at the US Ground and this photo is of the autograph collectors (including a future Hampshire Archivist). Where were their contemporary equivalents yesterday? I’d like to hope they were playing cricket but I wonder …

Dave Autographs.jpg


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Incidentally, it was Saturday 19 August 1961 and Hampshire scored 289-8 dec. Everyone got in, Danny Livingstone (67) and local boy Mike Barnard (59) top-scored. Hampshire made 133-3 dec in the second knock and Leics replied with 95 & 175 (White 10-125 in the match). Hampshire won on their way to the title.

On the same day, Pompey played their season’s opener at Swindon (in the old Division Three). Yesterday they started the new season (in the fake Division Two) two weeks earlier. Their home crowds were around 18,000 then and they are now. The Championship crowds, however, are significantly fewer.

Comment by pompeypop

I’m sitting in the Atrium reading a brilliant analysis of James Vince by Ed Smith in the Sunday Times. Well worth a look.

Comment by Dave Allen

Just been told (1030) that the two captains have had a long conversation in the middle. Surely not?

Comment by Dave Allen

Whatever might have been said, Lancashire’s innings continues. I can now confirm that Ashley Giles, Croft and Will Smith did converse but difficult to see how there can now be a target and a chase, from which Hampshire could take 10 wickets in the 2nd innings

Comment by Dave Allen

I read Richard’s comments last night and felt very sad for both him and his son. I attended the first day and was planning to come back on Saturday but having seen the wicket it was clear that nothing was going to happen so I didn’t bother.

Compare our game with that between Somerset and Durham at Taunton this week. Four completed innings all under 200 resulting in a win for the home side by 39 runs. OK it was all over shortly into the third day but the spectators must have had an enthralling two days as opposed to four days of utter tedium at the Rose Bowl.

I haven’t heard anything but I presume the ECB’s pitch inspectors will have taken some interest in the Taunton wicket bearing in mind it appears to have been taking a lot of spin from day1 (they certainly would had it been the Rose Bowl!) but will they take any interest in the wicket we prepared this week? The certainly should.

I know we have a new groundsman and I would like to think that something went wrong in the preparation and we didn’t deliberately produce such a dreadful wicket but there should be an inquiry (internally and externally) as to why this happened to ensure it doesn’t occur again.

But do either the ECB or Hampshire Corporate Cricket care enough to bother? I think we all know the answer to that question.

Comment by James

I think their equivalents today are to be found around the steps from the changing rooms, especially the away changing room steps. They are probably, in the main, the same people as in the photo, just some what older.

Comment by Bob Murrell

Unlike policemen who get younger, autograph collectors get older judging by those at the Ageas Bowl.

Comment by Paul

Are you preparing your shirt with seasoning?

Comment by Paul

The final 1961 table has Hants with 26/32 games either won or lost (and all the counties had a majority of their games with a W/L result that year), so the autograph hunters were after a team of winners.

Draws generally dominate now and the county champions this year might well win only 5/16; at least there is the upside that a couple of wins and the advance up the table from 9th could be that much more.

Comment by StephenFH

Gosh there’s slow and then there’s Lancashire 17 runs in 19 overs!

Comment by Paul

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