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August 9, 2016, 11:13 am
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Good news I think


How’s Vince’s finger? Is it still attached?


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Excellent news!

Comment by James

Yes this is good news.

From my own records (may not be accurate) the following players are out of contract at end of this season,

Jimmy Adams
Sean Ervine
James Tomlinson
Chris Wood

For 2017 onwards only James Vince has a contract for longer than end of 2017. I have ignored all overseas and short term contract players.

Second XI at Nottinghamshire for 3 day friendly and yesterday (day one) Notts declared on 398-8 with Josh McCoy taking 3-58 and Hants ended the day on 43-1 with Weatherley 26* and Felix Organ 1* with Duggan out for 16.

Comment by John Cottrell

I think Chris Wood has already negotiated another year….he mentioned it on comms with Kevan when discussing his injury etc

Comment by joster69

Yes – Chris said it was agreed, but not yet signed. I assume signed now. When I spoke to Tommo a couple of weeks ago, he was discussing formally a move into the coaching structure: he’s said for a long time that that was his intention after retirement

Comment by Ageas

Many thanks John. There were a number of rumours circulating last week about James Vince moving, but I assumed that came from him being out of contract. If not, I guess it’s mere speculation? (I know nothing about it)

Comment by pompeypop

Thanks too for the 2nd XI score. CricHQ which has generally been an excellent source for those, has been a bit ‘dodgy’ of late and has no information to update what John has offered there – no scores from today.

Comment by pompeypop

Info from a match report on Notts website a County who keeps their members and supporters informed even if only a friendly match.

Our website management would not know if our 2nd XI or Academy were even playing let alone any scores. Even the fixtures/results page defaults games to “Drawn” when there has been a result.

Comment by John Cottrell

The site to which John refers (assuming Cric HQ is on strike) is http://www.trentbridge.co.uk/news/index.html
It looks as though there will be a report at the close of play. Well done Notts – and well spotted John.

Comment by pompeypop

From there . .

Hampshire have replied with 333-4 on day two of the second eleven friendly against Nottinghamshire, Weatherley 180*

Comment by Bob Elliott

You guys are pretty adept at discovering these scores. I’ve just looked at Notts which is still posting only Day One while CricHQ has now removed the scorecard completely. Where did you find this one Bob?

Comment by pompeypop

It was on there yesterday, that’s where I copied the above . . .

Comment by Bob Elliott

Ah, but where is “there”? Notts website or CricHQ?

Comment by pompeypop

Your link to Notts website. And I coped cthe words. I didn’t make them up . . .

Comment by Bob Elliott

copied the (not coped the!) . .

Comment by Bob Elliott

Notts website now ..

On day two at Lady Bay, Hampshire posted a first-innings score of 333-4 as Nottinghamshire’s seconds took a 65-run lead in to their second innings – an advantage that was duly extended as they racked up 117-2 by the close.

The away side resumed on their overnight total of 43-1 and, courtesy of Joe Weatherley, who amassed 180 not out, a total four higher than Jake Libby’s 176 on day one, Hampshire pulled their way back into the game.

Hampshire’s middle-order also contributed as Bradley Taylor added 61 and Fraser Hay 57 as the visitors declared behind in order to usher the game towards a positive conclusion.

Libby and Joe Barrett opened for Notts in response and they trounced their way to 50 in the 20th over; but, two overs later, Libby was stumped by keeper Edward Ellis off Weatherley’s bowling, making the score 57-1.

Sam Wood garnered 36 runs for the hosts at number three, but was ousted by Felix Organ in the 36th over, the score 117-2.

Holding the fort for Notts going into day three, Barrett remains on 34 and Connor Marshall on three

Comment by Bob Elliott

Thanks Bob. When I looked it still said Day One but as you say it is there now. One of the thoughts that occurred to me in the Lancs match was that there was little point in fielding four seamers plus two spinners. I note that Brad Taylor got runs yesterday. I’d have liked him in the side to bowl with Crane and Dawson. They both turn the ball away from the right-hander and Taylor spins it the other way. I think I’d pick him from now on instead of Andrew(?) as he can bat, he can relieve Dawson & Crane and he might pick up the odd wicket in these dry days. I’ve nothing against Andrew but he’s hardly used by Smith anyway.

Comment by pompeypop

Or we could just produce a decent cricket wicket!

Comment by James

Hmm – that’s a brave thought James. But imagine both. A wicket that’s turning (as it should) by day three and an ‘offie’, ‘leggie’ and slow-left-armer. All we need now is a Chinaman. There again I am currently reading an historical account of Alice in Wonderland …

Incidentally, why is it that only left-armers are described as ‘slow’?

Comment by pompeypop

I wouldn’t object to that at all being a former spin bowler but we would need a decent wicket to start with. After that who knows what would happen? We might even get a decent game or two!

(I must admit when I first read your post I mistakenly read “Chinaman” as “Chairman”. How bad is that?).

Comment by James

Hah! His son’s a decent opening bowler in the Southern League but … Mind you there will be a new Chairman sometime fairly soon I guess (anno domini). maybe we should get a Chairman Mao!

Comment by pompeypop

1. Re Brad Taylor, the same thought occurred to me on Sunday.
2. Why are slow left arm bowlers so described rather than the type of spin they execute?
3. Well done the Notts website–puts ours to shame.

Comment by Ian White

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