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August 11, 2016, 5:08 pm
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Player fitness reported in some detail on our website at:


However a recent Cricket Hub ‘tweet’ spells out the Topley situation more concisely. He won’t play again this season – although Edwards might


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Don Topley told me a week or so ago that Rees would not likely play as ECB reluctant to let Hampshire push him. At that stage a bowling programme had not even started.

Tony Middleton told me he did not expect Ryan Stevenson to play again this season because of his back recurrence. That was about 3 weeks ago though.

Comment by Ron Griffiths

Does Reece have a ECB contract as if not what business is it of the ECB (just a marketing body in my opinion).

Information put on our website is normally out of date….

Comment by John Cottrell

I think it’s a very good question John. Perhaps they will compensate us? There again, perhaps the ECB will give us all free tickets to Test Matches next year and ensure all the promised overs are bowled.

Comment by pompeypop

Hampshire have a good relationship with ECB at present and are happy to co-operate with them on these sort of matters. At least that is what I am told!

Comment by Ron Griffiths

Reece was on an incremental ECB contract for this season

Comment by joster69

I find this “incremental” contract term confusing as incremental means something more or adding to.

As Reece (and others) do not have a “full” ECB contract how come they appear to have something worth more with a “incremental” one.

Comment by John Cottrell

The following is a quote from the ECB website:
“Non-contracted players can earn an England increment contract via a points system. Five points are awarded for a Test appearance and two for a T20 or ODI appearance, with an increment contract being awarded automatically once the player reaches 20 points during the 12-month contract period.”
So, according to this, one can be awarded an England contract simply by being in the England team, regardless of whether you achieve anything! Bizarre!

Comment by John West

Interesting Jo – cheaper for us then. I wonder whether he will get another one …

Comment by pompeypop

I’m not sure he will manage the criteria this year……..

Comment by joster69

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