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Does anyone know …
August 13, 2016, 4:37 pm
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… a song title with the word sandwich?

Hampshire today like a sandwich with a delicious, rich filling inside a couple of stale, curling white-sliced bits of bread. The last five went for 39. I guess Crane at nine was as good as any in the end!

Meanwhile, it’s OK Corral time for JV at the Oval. Do not forsake me …

PS I doubt whether any of you read that in the time between him walking on (when I posted that) and walking off (when I posted this) – surely for the last time? A certain irony that he went for nought, caught at cover.

I’m shutting up now. I think I’ll hide away and listen to Kind of Blue.


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The films are a bit mixed up there although the sentiment works.
Are we onto films rather than music now?

Comment by Paul

“Enjoy Every Sandwich: The Songs of Warren Zevon” was a tribute album including his most famous song “Werewolves of London”

Comment by James

Love “Werewolves” – good spot.

Comment by Dave Pople

There had to be at least one – I founD an album called “Burnt Weeny Sandwich” by Frank Zappa (of course).

Comment by Dave Pople

Of course – I’ve even got it and ashamed to have forgotten. Apologies for mixing up my Westerns too and Warren Zevon’s a good shout. It was just one of those evenings!!

Comment by pompeypop

Boycott has passed judgement on Vince and it’s hard to disagree

Comment by Paul

It’s around 8 mins in and includes the following: “It’s the stupidest shot you can imagine, and for me it’s the end of his Test career,” Geoffrey Boycott on BBC Test Match Special.

Comment by pompeypop

We All Live in a Yellow Submarine.
Billy, Don’t Be a Hero
and songwriter Hoagy Carmichael

What is the connection? Well, there is a type of “foot long” sandwich in the USA which, depending on region, is called a submarine (a.k.a sub), a hero, a hoagy or hoagie.

Comment by Hedgehog

Anything from Bread?

Comment by neil m

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