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August 14, 2016, 7:38 am
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How about that one then? A classic western and 60s pop reference, all-in-one. I’m referring to the selectors searching for some Test quality batsmen

Off to London today so restricted myself to the Observer. Cricket appears on pages 20-21 of the sports section and there is a report on Lancs v Yorks and the very promising Hameed.

Of James Vince, two things:

Vic Marks says “Vince is bound to feel insecure with considerable justification … Clearly a priority for the winter is to find calm batsmen capable against spin which is not a straightforward undertaking”. (Not least I’d suggest because there ain’t much quality spin about in the Championship)

Ali Martin, looking forward to the ODIs and IT20s says “A spot could also open up for Duckett if James Vince, who has struggled during his first summer of Test cricket is sent back to play for Hampshire, with an eye on retaining him for the winter tours to Bangladesh and India. Vince’s county team-mate Liam Dawson may feature should Moeen Ali be given a break”.

Meanwhile, if you missed the Comment below, Sir Geoffrey was nowhere near the corridor of uncertainty with his view that “It’s the stupidest shot you can imagine, and for me it’s the end of his Test career.” Sounds a bit like John Wayne to me.

PS Interesting to hear Nasser this morning suggest that “deep inside” James Vince is a Test batsman but that he’s dopey – not thinking about what the bowler’s doing, where the field is etc. I think – perhaps with the sole exception of the increasingly excellent Dawson – that this could be said of Vince’s generation; once as promising as almost any generation Hampshire have produced, but ultimately not up there with the late ’70s or early ’50s groups, both of which went on to become fine county players. Alongside “dopey” you might also suggest, too often, soft. Now I might be premature here but I have a feeling that the next lot – Alsop, McManus, Crane, Wheal, perhaps others – are rather different. They seem more grounded, more determined, tougher. If so, I wonder why?


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I wonder how motivated Vince will be on his return to county cricket if he thinks his Test career is over. Any replacement in the England team may well look forward to loads of runs in Bangladesh if the tour takes place.

Comment by Ian White

It seems a good question Ian. He must be feeling pretty low. I wonder too whose place he would take in the current side (and Sean Ervine)?

Comment by pompeypop

Maybe our ex first team coach may have been instrumental in their toughness.
We need a strong replacement – Corky?

Comment by Paul

I think it’s possible that DB did – crucially, it has to run through every level from Academy (at least), 2nd XI. One who I think gets it right in a very quiet efficient way is Tony Middleton.

Comment by pompeypop

With regard to Vince’s motivation when he returns he has three options as I see it.

The first is to recognise his shortcomings, work hard to overcome them and get his head down and score runs to win back his place.

The second is to believe his Test career will be resurrected by moving to another county. This would be avoiding the issue and is unlikely to see him back in the Test team.

The third is to believe his Test career is over and carry on batting as he has for the past two seasons in which case his Hampshire career will most likely be over fairly soon.

I sincerely hope he chooses the first.

Comment by James

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