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Left, Right, Gone
August 24, 2016, 11:54 am
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I’m a bit slow in this hot weather but it occurred to me this morning that Hampshire’s top-scorers yesterday, Ervine and McLaren, are both left-handers – therefore having the advantage of playing against the two Somerset wicket-takers who bowl orthodox SLA, turning the ball into the left hander.

Seeing the conditions, the Hampshire selectors have chosen to give a game to a Minor Counties bowler of the same sort, but I was just wondering whether they could have picked any other left-handed batsman to counter the threat?

I’m thinking … was there one who wasn’t selected?

(No I’m not thinking of Kevan James)

Anyway this piece of magic cheers me up


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And blow me, there’s Wainwright, 35* on debut – possibly the highest ever on debut by a Hampshire number nine – and he’s left-handed too!

Comment by pompeypop

You could ALSO Pick a leftie batsman who has given his all for Hampshire, giving up his wish to be a ‘keeper, and one who will give the club many years of service. Oh, did I mention club? I wish!

Comment by John West

That’s who I was thinking of! Quite right John.

Comment by pompeypop

No Dawson then and England’s next match is on Saturday. So he could be released to drive 80 miles west and have a bowl and a bat for a couple of days

Comment by pompeypop

Why am I thinking of porcine avians?

Comment by John West

Yeah Right !!!

Comment by JohnF

Didn’t work for Adams though!

Comment by Paul

The exception that proves the rule? Hampshire’s seven right handers scored 107 runs at 15.3 an innings. Their four left-handers scored 207 runs (one not out) at 69 an innings.

Comment by pompeypop

Why is no one mentioning our other forgotten left hander ……. Tommo!

Comment by James

Tom, Tommo – it seems only Somerset like ’em – and theirs seem pretty ‘able’ so far

Comment by pompeypop

Great video of Elvis, thanks Dave. Set my feet a-tapping whilst waiting to see the ODI highlights.

Comment by Dave Wilson

Bring back Raj Maru 🙂

Comment by anorthernsoulweb

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