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The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine …
August 24, 2016, 5:03 pm
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… Any More?

They’re off at Taunton for bad light, but the over count is pretty well the end of the day anyway. Of the four current matches, this one has so far made the least progress towards a win/lose result. It doesn’t have to be a draw but with Somerset closing on Hampshire into day three, the pressure is on Hampshire to reach a challenging total in the third innings – and they’ll need to do it fairly quickly too. Elsewhere at present, victories for Yorkshire, Surrey and Warwickshire look distinct possibilities. Perhaps it’s building up to a crucial final game at the Ageas Bowl v Durham?

Meanwhile, it rained at the Ageas Bowl today, but although it got very dark in Pompey, it barely rained here at all – a disappointment for Mrs A and her garden.

PS 9.40pm I haven’t been anything like glued to the ODI today – it’s not seemed very interesting – but I’m sorry to see the rain causing so many problems (we did eventually get a bit in Pompey). They’ve just resumed, but Sky showed a bird’s eye view of lots of people queueing for the buses well before the end. It looks one-sided.

And just as I finished typing that, off they went again. If you went, my sympathy. Ultimately I guess, a disappointing day.

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Well I had a pretty lovely day…….despite the rain bringing it to an early end & it seemed that plenty of the forecast rain skirted around us so less interruptions than feared.

Comment by joster69

I quite enjoyed the day. Although I agree it’s not the proper cricket we all love, it’s great to see the Ageas Rose Bowl full up, and there was some pretty good cricket on view, although the Pakistan fielding lacked a little finesse. Also, it was nice to see a good number of opposition supporters, perhaps the best away support we’ve had there. Hardly anyone left before it rained, even though England were well on top. Also, the road through the backwoods is now of better quality, so getting out is less an ordeal . . .

Comment by Bob Elliott

I’m glad you guys enjoyed it. As I said I watched relatively little although the blokes paid to know everything (on Sky) were pretty rude about Pakistan who are apparently ninth in the world and might not qualify for the next World Cup. That would be a shame, given their troubles and the very positive contribution they made to the Test series.

Comment by pompeypop

It was a good day at the Bowl – although the drive afterwards to Taunton was tiring.
But hopefully we’ll be rewarded with a Hampshire win

Comment by Ageas

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