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August 30, 2016, 8:13 am
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As promised, from Tigger (thanks)

“Last season 12 of the 16 matches went to a 4th innings. So far this season only 3 out of 13.
The reasons for this have something to do with the weather early season but it doesn’t explain the whole picture. We lost one match by an innings last season and so far three this season.  Probably more to do with to our poor bowling with a few exceptions.”
I think that’s right Tigger. Last year we had Fidel. He played in eight matches and his haul in each match was 3; 4 (one inns); 6; 9; 7; 2 (one inns); 4; 10
This year Crane took six in the match v Notts (H) which we won, Dawson six in the match v Lancs (but otherwise six all season) and Wheal seven in the match v Notts (A) which we won. Apart from that, Wheal has bowled in five innings without a wicket (0-300).
They are the only instances of a Hampshire bowler taking more than five wickets in a match.
Further to Tigger’s figures, if we take out the two wins v Notts; of the other 11 games, in eight we only bowled once and in the other three we did not take all 10 wickets. Those exceptions were Yorks (A) drawn, 183-8 dec; Middx (H) drawn, 55-2, and Lancs (H) drawn, 102-3.
As for the team tomorrow … will there be a hat-trick of surprises (Carter, Wainwright …)? Maybe, after Saturday, Topley will play as a batsman.

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My apologies that the layout is a bit messy. It tends to happen whenever I copy and paste in any contribution. Suddenly paragraphs and spacing disappear. I blame the ECB

Comment by pompeypop

Good call

Comment by Paul

Andrew Gale has this morning commented on the announcement of Gillespie’s imminent departure from Yorks by suggesting it should “galvanise” the players in their search for a third successive title. Now who is it they play tomorrow?

Comment by pompeypop

Just noticed this in the Echo suggesting Essex are interested in signing Vince and re-signing Wheater.

Personally for various reasons I think Wheater would be the greater loss.

Comment by James

Thanks James. I was given a ‘nod’ on this some weeks ago by a reliable source (but not I stress an employee/insider). I wondered whether it might be true. It’s hard to be surprised that Wheater would wish to leave, if he’s not going to keep wicket, but I think he would be a loss. As for Vince, maybe it would suit him to ‘start again’ – with Essex going up and Hampshire … ? It begs the question about the point of developing our own players (Briggs, Vince, Bates, Terry, Howell etc). If you were Alsop (and even more Alsop’s agent) maybe you’d be looking around.

Comment by pompeypop

Breaking News. Wheater is going on loan to Essex.

Comment by Ian

Not surprised by this. He has been scoring well but with Vince back as Captain and McManus doing a good job as Wicket Keeper/Batsman Wheater was holding up Alsop getting regular first team exposure. (see David, the club are thinking of our future stars….)

Comment by Ron Griffiths

Why was it specifically Wheater who was holding up Alsop? I’d have played both and omitted Smith (one double century and two sixties all season). I’d heard the ‘whisper’ about this before they capped Wheater (v Lancs), so presumably they knew something. Why did they bother with the cap?

It will be interesting to see whether Wheater ‘keeps’ for Essex, displacing Foster in the run-in to probable promotion or, if not, whether he’s simply on his way.

Meanwhile, three games to save our Div One place and we release our highest scorer this season (first-class). Incidentally is Vince back as captain? He wasn’t in charge at Taunton.

Comment by pompeypop

Fair enough, I agree Smith does not really warrant a start based on his seasons performance.

Club (and I mean one of the coaches) have said previously they wanted a left/right opening as it helped disrupt the bowlers early on. No good if Smith is out early though!

I would open with Adams and Alsop but I doubt they will.

Comment by Ron Griffiths

Yes……James Vince is back as captain

Comment by joster69

Vince looked totally uninterested at Taunton last week.

Comment by Paul

To be fair to Vince – he’d just been dropped by England AND had some pretty scary family news.

Comment by Ageas

What a relief. The Wheater issue has bugged the Hampshire Cricket community since his controversial signing. But I wonder about your use of the word “club”, Ron.

I am not sure what the “club” is or who it’s officials and committee members are – certainly not the so called “member’s committee”. They have no power, over anything.

Was it a joint Chalkie decision to remove Wheater, or a more influential power. My bet is that the man who coughed up the millions still makes the decisions.

Comment by John West

Don’t think it was the man at the top as he rarely interferes (other than making comments) according to our departed Coach. Just had a feeling that something has not been right with the Wheater relationship in the dressing room this season. Will see what i can find out but I am assuming it was his request and allowed by Giles.

Comment by Ron Griffiths

We’re not very good at managing the awkward buggers and getting the best from them, are we? I’m thinking (at least) of Bennie Howell, Matt Coles and now Wheater but there may be others. Maybe we’re just a bit too terribly nice?

Comment by pompeypop

Is Wheats an awkward bugger? I feel his reception by some people has been disgraceful, no wonder he’s peed off.

Comment by Paul

I don’t think he’s been looked after and some (nb some) supporters have not made it easy for him but maybe he’s not your classic team player?

Comment by pompeypop

Is Wheats and Colesy a fair comparison?

Comment by Paul

We’re not too good at managing the non-awkward either….Briggs, Terry, Bates, Dawson.
Man management skills at Hampshire are pretty poor

Comment by Andy

The timing of this is dreadful. He is the top Championship run scorer at the club and also gets his runs at a strike rate far superior to anyone else. I had expected his departure at the end of the season but think he should have been kept until then or at least until relegation/survival was confirmed. What is also bizarre is the fact that he has not been named in the Essex squad this week?

Comment by Ian

Completely Dagenham!

Comment by Paul

I’ll be sorry to see Wheater go. I wonder if he was offered the gloves for one-day matches he might have stayed! I guess if we go down (note the if NOT when) then Vince will go. I wonder if Dawson will be offered the captaincy next season or will he want division one cricket too (if we go down).

Comment by Tigger

There’s a Solent interview with Giles White on Twitter from late afternoon. He confirms that Vince will captain, hints that Wainwright might not play because of the pitch he expects and suggests the squad is similar to last week. Neither he nor the interviewer mention Wheater which is bizarre. Ref Fidel it seems it might still happen but looks unlikely. Incidentally, the weather forecast for Saturday is dreadful

Comment by Dave Allen

Logic would suggest that if Wheater is adamant that he wants to keep wicket that we would have said give it your all until the end of the season and then we will release you.

It is difficult to see any logical reason why we would release our top Championship run scorer whilst we still have a chance of staying up unless he is a bad influence in the dressing room.

But then how much logic has gone into some of the recent team selections?

This whole business suggests the management have given up on avoiding relegation which will hardly inspire the team. Will they fly the Hampshire flag from the Pavilion tomorrow or a white flag of surrender?

One thing is certain as far as I am concerned – it’s time for a massive clear out of our management team.

Comment by James

Hear hear!

Comment by Paul

Completely agree, a complete shambles

Comment by Andy

From the Essex Web Site – New signing Adam Wheater will join up with the squad on Wednesday and be available for selection against Glamorgan.

Comment by Ron Griffiths

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