Hampshire Cricket History

September 2, 2016, 6:27 am
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(Was there a song called Imagine? Actually the Temptations, “Just My Imagination” is rather more my thing)

No rain, almost 200 overs left in the game and Yorkshire 128 ahead, halfway through, and with nine wickets remaining

Neither side has yet reached 300 in an innings so maybe there is more help in this pitch than usual. Hampshire are a batsman light so will not want to chase more than …. ? (Especially against that attack)

In which case, they have to take nine wickets today for no more than …. runs?

Can they do it?

PS – The sight we need to see repeated as early as possible today – the fall of the 10th Yorkshire wicket (but I don’t think we needed those extra red seats):

10th Yorks wicket.jpg

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My answers are around 250, therefore around 120/130 and probably not. Maybe it will rain tomorrow

Comment by pompeypop

Incidentally this dodgy forecast is based around the arrival of the tail-end via Florida of Hurricane Hermine – wasn’t he the bloke who sang with the Hermits?

Comment by pompeypop


Comment by Paul

Bob or Lofty?

Comment by Dave Pople

Lofty and the Loftits doesn’t have quite the same ring

Comment by Ageas

Could be interesting to see if Yorkshire are confident enough to push on so as to give themselves a chance of wrapping it up by 3pm and the rain tomorrow?

Just for anyone who can’t take the tension of cult cricket, Lashings are playing Burridge today…. Gordon Greenidge and Tino Best on the team sheet.

Comment by Jeremy

Had an invite to go there today but as a group of us are dining with the Hampshire Chairman as our guest I will be at Ageas Bowl

Comment by Ron Griffiths

Nice to see Tino has managed to find himself a game!

Comment by James

Interesting those red seats…… Hampshire hired them for the International and they are still there! Last year they remained for a while and I asked the Chairman why we still had them. He said Hampshire were storing them for the owners until they could come and pick them up. A storage charge was negotiated by way of a discount on the hire cost. Assume the same this year.

Comment by Ron Griffiths

It’s a bit gloomy at the ground – and the sky is rather dark too. In the Times today, comparing the relatively close first innings totals, Mark Baldwin writes “Small margins yes, but in truth there is a gulf in class – and sheer will power – between these two teams.”

Comment by Dave Allen

It’s more gloomy now – it’s raining and they’re off; the only game in the country. We had about 70 mins with just Berg, McLaren and Wheal bowling.

Comment by Dave Allen

Gloom again. I’ve just done 10 minutes on air but thy’ve disappeared again. The Hampshire fielders looked content to leave, the Yorkshire batsmen less so.

Comment by Dave Allen

Where has the fight gone? More Yorkshire than Hampshire?
I suppose Mr Greenidge couldn’t be persuaded to drive down to the bowl from Burridge and demonstrate how to bat against all the odds. First team batting coach – but I’m dreaming again.

Comment by Chas C

What happened to Tino Best? No longer part of the squad?

Comment by Chas C

Almost certainly not I suspect although he was at the ground this morning. I think his Hampshire days are over. It’s 5pm here and the light is slightly gloomier. Very boring as we commentators must sit here just ‘in case’ the sun suddenly appears. Tomorrow might be a quicker release if it starts to pour

Comment by Dave Allen

There’s no doubt a T20 match would not have gone off for the light today.

Comment by Jeremy

Tino Best was signed on the basis he was only paid if he played. The episode at Middlesex leading to Hampshire disciplining him was likely the last straw. He will not play again for Hampshire. He was at the ground briefly this morning before going out to Burridge

Comment by Ron Griffiths

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