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September 2, 2016, 5:48 pm
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Umpires that is, to decide we can’t watch the cricket. Do I blame them? I’ve no idea really but I did have a pretty dull day except for a delightful quarter-of-an-hour in the Atrium chatting with our Ageas and ‘Tommo’ who follows this Blog while resisting Commenting. That is entirely understandable if something of a shame since he is a complete delight, thinks very clearly about cricket, and doesn’t mess with clichés. We spoke about all kinds of things including some info/thoughts about the younger Academy guys and the future. He was also very encouraging about the plans with Charlie Freeston to get more things going in the inner cities (hooray). Cheers ‘Tommo’.

As to the game – if it’s not a draw I’ll be astonished. It looks to me as if we’ll see very little play after lunch. There might be four draws in Div One, whereas three of the four Div Two games have already finished.

(My wife Lou is in the West Country this week and has been sending me photos of sheep – until today – above)

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Spoke to Nigel Cowley. He said one of the important things is not to go off for light the first time until you are sure as that is the base for the rest of the game.

The reading they were using was 600. This morning it looked darker than when they came off and the umpires got together. Reading was 1000 much to their surprise so they stayed on!

When they came off this afternoon Hampshire were, of course, happy. Gale queried it but when he saw the reading he accepted.

Incidentally, as many who read this blog will know, Nigel retires after next season. An Umpire retiring has the opportunity to nominate the ground for his last standing. He has chosen Ageas Bowl.

Comment by Ron Griffiths

Good old Dougal.
Hope the crowd give him a good send off here next year

Comment by Ageas

I can quite believe it but I can’t understand why we would be happy to come off. The only possible way we can avoid relegation is to win games and you can’t win sitting in the pavilion!

Comment by James

I guess if there had been two clear days we’d have been unlikely to chase down a target of around 400(?) whereas we might get a target of less than 300 now and reverse what happened last year. I still think the rain will win however.

Comment by pompeypop

Last year we were over a barrel and set too easy a target. Yorkshire could bat and set us 250 hoping that’s reasonable given likely westher curtailment. Are Yorkshire too risk averse to try that? I fear so

Comment by Ageas

Tommo is always a joy. I am very wary of intruding on players, but he’s always one to make an approach, say hello and start a conversation….even on Manchester station!

Comment by Ageas

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