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(Oh won’t you) Stay
September 3, 2016, 5:23 am
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Just a little bit longer (Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs/Hollies)

Giles White in today’s Cricket Paper: “Essex may want him but James (Vince) is happy here and under contract for three more years”.

PS It’s not been a great season for Hampshire or for James but I have a feeling that he has the potential to become a very fine captain. Regardless of some entertaining former ‘skippers’ who have been very good captains, my favourite at Hampshire has always been Richard Gilliat. James has many similar qualities – quiet (shy?), self-contained, resolute and thoughtful. I hope that’s right because Gilliat was certainly our most successful captain (assuming you share my Championship ‘bias’!)

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Around 7.50am, just back from the ‘paper shop. It’s a beautiful late summer morning, slightly fresh with the sun not quite up fully, not a hint of breeze and a clear blue sky. Perfect conditions then, for a full and exciting day’s play …

Comment by pompeypop

Middlesex set Warwickshire 338 in 4 sessions. Which looks like a declaration that risked losing.

Not sure Yorkshire will risk that, even though the forecast seems pretty clear that we’ll be lucky to get anywhere near two sessions, if that.

As for full and exciting 😉 at the Bowl …

If, IF, the overs lost so far, 92, had also resulted in, DL style, the game being reduced to a 30 not 40 wkt match, it could still be very well set.

Yorks would be 203 ahead with only 3 wickets left, but only 5 Hampshire wickets to take to get some better share of the points than just a 5-5 split for the draw. Which would properly reflect their dominance of the game.

If 4day cricket is going to be played in April, early May, and September, some imagination needs to be employed to adjust to the reality that 4 full days are not usually available.

Comment by Jeremy

It wouldn’t necessarily solve things in a period of heavy sustained rain, but I favour as now circa 380 overs and 96 overs per day but with five days allocated and time lost allowed to be made up on subsequent days over all five. For example, the forecast suggests that we could play tomorrow.

There are 24 weeks in the cricket season. This year, in eleven of those at the start/end of season, Hampshire have played either ONE Championship match or nothing (ie NO white ball matches)*.Since there will be only 14 matches next year it would not be that difficult to schedule this over the full 24 weeks.

*In addition having been knocked out of both white ball competitions, over a fortnight in early August they played just one four-day game at Trent Bridge

Comment by pompeypop

Incidentally I would also impose a strict 11am-6pm timing with close of play at 6pm, regardless of how many overs bowled. If they reached the close on Day Four with the game obviously drifting to a draw but (for example) seven overs still to bowl to complete the match, they would have to come back on the fifth morning and bowl them. It might improve the over rates.

Comment by pompeypop

But if they rescheduled like that that’d kibosh the space they’ve made for the McDonalds Super Smash (the new name for NZ’s T20 comp!).

On over rates, I was recently reminded Close was sacked for bowling only 24 overs in 102 minutes…

Comment by Jeremy

So that’s a win-win then Jeremy!

Comment by James

I don’t think the ECB had to reduce the number of matches to get the number of days our poor old cricketers play down. The British weather is doing it for them. In the 14 matches we have played so far we have lost over 800 overs which is equivalent to over 8 days of cricket!! By the way, I agree we should go to 5 day matches. We might get more results which has to be a good thing.

Comment by Tigger

Very odd morning now (12.30 ish) Hampshire already need around 300 at 4+ per over but Yorkshire batting on. However radar is suggesting rain is imminent so maybe …. as I type, they’ve declared after Hodd came in for one over!

Comment by Dave Allen

Innings break but covers going on and umbrellas going up. That might be it for the day.

Comment by Dave Allen

Well I got that wrong – they’re about to start again and it looks brighter! The chase is on

Comment by Dave Allen

3.20pm and I’ve been briefly watching Reece Topley batting for the Academy v Ventnor. The sky radar is suggesting rain coming but it’s not hitting the whole of south Hampshire/IOW so who knows. A bit of a battle still for Hampshire.

Comment by Dave Allen

Vince out now – even more of a battle!

Comment by Dave Allen

It’s very dark now and even though they’ve taken an early tea, the rain has arrived. It looks like this might be it.

Comment by Dave Allen

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