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September 7, 2016, 6:21 pm
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Of the Whole Season?

BBC website tonight:

Tom Alsop: “I want to dedicate my century to Michael (Carberry)… He helped me a lot through the academy. I would like to thank him for everything he has done to help my game. Everyone is with him.”

Left-hander Alsop continued: “I’ve gone to him for all types of advice, things about batting mostly, and we’re good friends off the field. To see what he has gone through has been pretty tough for everyone, on him and the club. I would like to thank him for everything he has done to help my game. Everyone is with him.”

Now we have a photo too, courtesy of Tigger, for which many thanks




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great words from Tom; classy comments to back up a very classy innings

Comment by simon.cage4all@gmail.com

Yes – thanks for drawing attention to it, Dave.

Comment by Dave Pople

So pleased to be there for it. Had seen him get out in the nervous 90s and they were definitely that for him today. After passing 100 he calmed down and can hopefully make it a large one.

Comment by Ian

Class, indeed.

I expect a lot of people would write his name on the team sheet before almost all the others. Quite something!

Comment by Jeremy

I think it’s remarkable – for a guy of 20 especially. A microphone is stuck in your face after your best day ever and instead of talking about yourself you talk about a mate who’s in trouble. It’s quite wonderful. Well done him, on two counts.

Comment by Dave Allen

A lovely nnings, a lovely interview & a lovely young man 😊

Comment by joster69

The best innings I’ve seen from a Hants batsman for some time. A really classy knock against a strong attack and to dedicate it to Michael Carberry shows what a class act he truly is.
A rare good day for Hampshire, apart from the two easy slip catches missed early on that, fortunately, didn’t cost us too much. Does anyone know why Dawson no longer fields in the slips?

Comment by Dave Wilson

Ervine and Adams probably dodgy knees not sure about why Smith is in there. Looks like a trio from Last of Summer Wine…
Vince was dropping catches so moved out.
Dawson I think had a slight hand injury sometime ago but no room now with the old boys in there…
Alsop absolutely brilliant and to tribute Carberry was very nice to hear.

Comment by John Cottrell

To be fair to Smith he took two brilliant close to the wicket catches at gully to dismiss the Yorkshire opening batsmen last week.

Comment by James

Perhaps serendipitously I fell across this which seems appropriate:

“Cricket has lasted because it is what it is. It’s a game which reflects life, with all the nuances in it. You can be a success in the morning and crap in the afternoon, then come back in the evening. As at work, you can spend four days doing something and nothing comes of it. Another time you will dash something off and it’s terrific. Life resonates through cricket like no other game.” [John Snow, The Cricketer (July 2011)]

Less enjoyably, I then saw this


… I won’t sully this nice thread with my comments!

Comment by Jeremy

Quite right Jeremy but we need to know, so thanks for the link. I wish they’d just do it and stop some of us believing that there is still hope.

Comment by pompeypop

John Snow was of course a cricket man who knew about cricket. The ECB are generally businessmen who know about business. So no surprise that it is all about money now.

I’d much rather we have meaningless City franchise slog-cricket rather than meaningless County slog-cricket. In actual fact bring it on and let the Championship continue on out grounds away from concrete mausoleums where it can be watched and enjoyed by those whose motivation in life is not just money. Yes we will lose a few players but if it will give opportunities to more young men like Tom then that will be some compensation.

Comment by James

Except it seems we will have both forms of T20 which sooner or later will cut into the Championship again. In principle I’m all for outgrounds. In practice it will be Basingstoke in Hampshire which for me is a 100-mile round trip to see a home game. I know relatively few fans are from Pompey these days so no need for me to be selfish but I doubt I’ll do that four days in a row.

Comment by pompeypop

The proposal to play Championship matches at the same time as this abomination really does take the biscuit!

Comment by Jeremy

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