Hampshire Cricket History

Enjoy Yourself
September 9, 2016, 7:29 am
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Whether going, listening or following on-line. Let’s hope for the right result


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Title is a tribute to the delightful Prince Buster (RIP) – DO call him Ska Face.

Comment by pompeypop

What beautiful music to start the day!
Many thanks.

Comment by Henry Thompson

Seems a cricketing equivalent of the wonderful Prince Buster, Kumar Sangakkara, is going to do for us today.

Comment by James

Change one letter in your opening two words & you hit the nail on the head

Wheater going…………

Comment by joster69

Somebody help Me (Spencer Davis Group). What’s the answer? I don’t (can’t) get it

Comment by pompeypop

Doh…….I didn’t include the title but I think maybe you were playing with me there………

Comment by joster69

ENVOY Yourself? Enjoy Your Shelf? Nope, you’re too clever for me Jo. As for Wheater’s two year contract – shock of the season!

Comment by pompeypop

Mind you I note that Jo is at the heart of Enjoy which is appropriate since you’re one of the positive ones. My ‘proper’ name includes Avid of course – but not as avid as I once was …

Comment by pompeypop

But also includes “vida” which is Spanish for lifetime…….very appropriate 😊

……..assuming no middle name…..otherwise I may have just added yet more confusion!

Comment by joster69

Tough day at the Oval not made easier by fear of bad light forcing use of 2 spinners after tea – even with the new ball

Comment by Ageas

Hants noticeably better in the field than on Tuesday. They needed a bit of luck after lunch, but with the rain coming when it did…..

Some belief to take into the Durham fixture.

Comment by StephenFH

No space left to reply to Jo in that box, so it’ll have to be here. I get it! I GET It. I really wasn’t playing with you I just assumed the first two words were the title and you didn’t mean that .. so I GET IT. As for Avida – that’s nice although strictly speaking there is a middle name.

I was named after a very famous geezer who managed Bournemouth (who have fond memories of a Cup tie), Saints (who hate him) and Pompey (who only half hate him and half love him – was he really a secret agent?)

Incidentally as someone with a great fondness for ‘avant garde’ art and outrageousness, as a daft kid I used to turn Dave Allen into Nevill Dada.

Comment by pompeypop

Ha….sorry….I didn’t mean to leave you pondering so long……….

Comment by joster69

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