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September 14, 2016, 6:31 pm
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BBC Website tonight:

“An eight-team city-based Twenty20 competition is set to be introduced into English domestic cricket. The decision to advance the proposal, one of five options on the table, was passed by 16 votes to three. The tournament, which will take place in addition to the existing 18-team T20 Blast, is expected to start in 2018.”

Since the Ageas Bowl is not in a city … (?)

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Well done Sussex, Kent and Surrey who were the three who voted against it although in the case of Surrey I suspect it was simply because they reckon they can make more money playing T20 games at the Oval as Surrey and not as London Leftovers.

Comment by James

Eight franchises with six of them based at the 20th century test match grounds?? If London gets a third franchise, which on ‘business grounds’ it easily might, then the Ageas might well end up franchise free if it does go ahead.

As for the soul of the game, Where did it Go? Please Explain. (Burt B).

Comment by StephenFH

I look forward to the consultation that Hampshire Cricket have to have with the “membership”, and an explanation as to what reductions in prices the influx of an additional £1,500,000 from the ECB will create!

Comment by John West

Welcome to the “Splendid Slog” !

More sad news for the art of bowling whose proponents get only 24 chances per contest to display their skill.

Comment by Hedgehog

From Terry C:

On line petition entitled ‘Save our Counties’ at change.org
Sign up!

Comment by pompeypop

Wonder what the team will be called. Pompey Panthers has a ring to it, or Hedge End heroes? Please nothing beginning with S.

Comment by Brian S

Hedge End Hedgehogs, surely!

Comment by Hedgehog

Eastleigh Eagles
Mapledurwell Mambas (to go with the Southern Vipers!)

Comment by Ageas

West End wagtails?

Comment by John West

Channel Surfers?

That’s certainly what I’ll be doing when it’s on.

Comment by Jeremy

ABBA’S ‘AMPSHIRE with the theme tune “Money, Money, Money”. Until it all goes wrong and they meet their “Waterloo”.

Comment by pompeypop

Bransgrove’s Bankers? (or alternately replace the last “a” with an “o”).

Comment by James

Probably just “BRANSGROVE”

Comment by John F

But without Rod Bransgrove, Hampshire would have ceased to exist long ago.

Comment by Ageas

You can’t say that for certain. We might not have a Test ground and might not have had the limited over success we have under him but cloth can always be cut accordingly and who knows who might have come along if Rod hadn’t.

Over the years very many counties have struggled financially (as some are right now) but thankfully we haven’t lost any yet.

However I can see us losing some soon if the latest City-based T20 idea takes off. How long will it be before the so-called City based counties decide they are the ones making the money and so they should keep it and the bribes (sorry compensation) paid to the other counties should stop? It happened in football which led to the breakaway Premier League and once money becomes everything in cricket you can see it happening here too.

Comment by James

Well, the decision to move was made pre-Rod. When the finances for that didn’t work out, we needed help desperately. There might have been other benefactors who would have been prepared to stick with it, but I doubt it.

Comment by Ageas

As you say there may have been other benefactors or other alternatives but it really doesn’t matter because we are where we are.

Comment by James

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