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You Say You Want a Revolution
September 14, 2016, 6:44 am
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I’m about to leave for London to see a show at the V&A about ‘swinging London’, the ‘Summer of Love’ etc (1967-1970). I wonder whether they’ll mention the automatic registration of overseas players (1968), the new Sunday League (1969) or ‘Stop the Tour’ (1970)?

Oh, not that kind of Revolution huh? Talking of which, the counties are also off to London today to talk T20, Franchises, city-based stuff etc from 2017. Apparently there is the prospect of loadsamoney but I don’t suppose that will sway them. Atherton wrote of it recently in the Times, identifying Hampshire as one of the four most supportive counties of the scheme. Still as Jeremy points out in the Comments on the previous post, at least we (supporters) can’t be accused of voting for/approving that.

So actually, I do want a Revolution please, pretty quick, but not that one.

(PS Had a thought about ‘Tommo’. Will he go down as one of the last of the White Clothes specialists?)


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It seems Hampshire folk have voted with their feet and wallets. Blast audiences are up 60% but at the Bowl, 1%


The Bransgrove refrain was that Cricket’s mistake was blaming people for not wanting what they were given, instead of giving them what they wanted.

I wonder how force feeding a demonstrably unwilling audience with City Franchises to copycat IPL/BBL fits with that philosophy?

And of course they didn’t have to destroy something that works where it’s well done, whereas we do.

Comment by Jeremy

I think that -1% is based on a spurious table published by one of the papers (Telegraph?) earlier in the season. It was just after we had two successive washouts -Sussex and Gloucester
I am sure people of all persuasions will provide ‘facts’ to suit their various cases!

Comment by Ageas

But the ECB have produced nothing vaguely like a “fact”. And their “case” is so good they daren’t publicly state it, all they have is a bunch of guesses from some joke consultants, who apparently were mates of Harrison in Singapore. It’s laughable.

Comment by Jeremy

Let us know about the exhibition – we often go to the V&A

Comment by Ageas

VERY comprehensive and impressively displayed. Pretty huge too. I was in there over two hours and shall return. Twiggy, David Bailey, Beatles, posters, light shows, movies, moon landing, architecture, Jimi H’s guitar, Keith Moon’s drums, crash cushions to watch Woodstock!. It didn’t tell me much I didn’t know but there again I probably know more about that time than any sane human should. You get headphones that are activated by wherever you are in the show – and the sounds were certainly preferable to anything I’ve heard at a T20 game!

Comment by pompeypop

Could you see if there is space for Mr Bransgrove and his money-worshiping mates in the V&A when you visit?

Comment by James

I think the names of those administrators who have inspired and voted for the recent dilution of the County Championship should be recorded for posterity – whether it be in a book, a web page or a plaque in a museum. Dave- I haven’t purchased your book Forever changes (forgive me!) but does it name those individuals and their role?

Comment by Hedgehog

To some extent it does (certainly Graves/ECB) although the game changes constantly. One great sadness for me is the extent of the support from Hampshire right from the off. The situation is interesting because before the decision is ratified in October, it appears the counties must consult their members – or at least those counties which are members’ clubs. It will be interesting if at places like Somerset and Essex they are mandated to vote against; or perhaps Members’ Clubs really aren’t that ‘democratic’. It doesn’t apply to Hampshire of course.

Comment by pompeypop

The following statement on the Middlesex website makes it quite clear they will be consulting with their members.

Constitutionally Hampshire may not be obliged to consult with their members but morally and ethically they should. If they don’t it will show complete and utter contempt for us which I for one will reciprocate.

Comment by James

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