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A Rather More Definite Evening
September 15, 2016, 4:53 pm
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Ain’t it been lovely again? I’ve been along the beach today, it felt like mid-June

I’m pretty sympathetic to John’s comment about Div Two on the lunchtime post but I’ll try to keep the excitement going. Durham are now irrelevant, having won a fine victory over Surrey with late wickets. We know that only one of Lancs v Warwicks can win next week, although if they engineer a high scoring draw that could be enough. Lancashire are ahead of Warwicks and us on wins (3/2):

Lancashire 162 points

Warwicks 156 points

Hampshire 148 points

If we get 13 points from a full haul plus a draw, we’ll still be behind Lancashire. If Warwicks get a couple of points plus a draw they will pass us too. So a win looks essential. I’ve just seen a forecast including Tuesday which looks gloomy across the country. Maybe we’ll get four days of bad light!


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You are right Dave a win is a must. There is a chance we could survive with a high scoring draw. But that would mean Lancs would have to beat Warwick with Warwick getting no more than 5 points. We would finish above Warwick because we have lost less games. If you are right regarding the weather then even a high scoring draw might be difficult.

Comment by Tigger

I don’t know if you’ve been listening to R5SX today.

But it has become apparent that the Press release from the ECB yesterday does not vaguely describe what happened at the meeting.


Contrast with this:


So. Nothing was agreed. Except that the “City” “Franchise” (neither of these words appear in the ECB press release) option doesn’t yet exist in a form fit to decide on.

One more funny thing. The 9 million potential fans Groves has identified has now grown to 25m. Apparently that is the number of Sports fans in the UK, and they want their “share” of that “market”. I wonder why they are limiting themselves to just Sports Fans, and why just the UK, given this product is so marvellous!

Somerset are starting their consultation process next week:


Comment by Jeremy

Excellent – many thanks Jeremy. Interestingly different ‘slant’ from Newspaper reports this morning. Still I doubt there will be any consultation at Hampshire – no obligation you see, and I’m not sure there is even a mechanism other than a Members ‘Extraordinary’ Forum, which would bind no one.

Comment by pompeypop

Interesting too that we were told three counties had not voted for the proposal, yet on that Middlesex statement that you provide, they say they did not because not yet sufficient information. It couldn’t possibly be that the ECB is being ‘economical’ with the truth could it? I find that so hard to believe.

The BBC meanwhile is still running a story that county cricket is “set for” an eight team competition.

Comment by pompeypop

Apparently, there was not a formal “vote” just a “show of hands”.

The ECB case that the wheels have come off (because they spent none of the SKY £ on offsetting no FTA exposure) seems to be based on a survey they’ve done, which puts Cricket 11th on a list of “Sports”.

But the graphic here could be said to show that.


Or you could say there are more popular school activities. And nothing comes remotely close to football. Far less of a doomsday scenario, not something you need multiple faux consultants to put on powerpoint slides.

Which I’d say doesn’t tell us anything remotely like what the ECB are suggesting ( which isn’t to suggest everything is fine, of course!).

Comment by Jeremy

The piece by Henry Cowen is fair and in its own way flags up just how far the ECB are from anything detailed.

The difficulties with adapting a city-based competition are obvious from a 10 minute look at where people live in this country! The marketing bunnies playing for the ECB have left a difficult task for whoever’s job it will be to work up a proposal and who knows how far they will get by the time of the next meeting.

Comment by StephenFH

Where to the participation’ numbers come from. And ‘Registered’ players? The Hampshire League, said to be the largest League in the World, doesn’t have a registration system. In 1973, my club used 13 players over the whole season. In 2016, our three sides used 79 players.

Comment by Bob Elliott

From memory, either last year or 2014, the ECB did a survey that said there were, iirc, 860,000 cricketers.

This is the number they cite as their success, even though it was down on the previous survey.

Below the headline figure, only sub 250,000 played more than once. So that’s nearer a “real” figure.

The ECB spend £20m on non FC cricket. And £30m on Team England, and £15m on themselves.

So, £45m split between 300, and £20m split between 250,000.

They’re a bunch of self serving clowns.

Comment by Jeremy

That’s a very generous view of them Jeremy!

Comment by James

I just wonder how important those unforgivable 3 penalty points for slow over rate will be in the final table.

Comment by Ken Berridge

Fortunately completely irrelevant Ken

Comment by Ageas

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