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An Uncertain Lunch
September 15, 2016, 12:04 pm
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Tracking the two key matches at lunchtime on the final day, it’s not simple to predict either outcome. Durham have made a good start against Surrey and the latter might have an awkward afternoon. If Durham win they will be safe – even a draw takes them well away from Hampshire (19 points and an extra win).

Meanwhile it’s difficult to see Middlesex getting far enough ahead of Lancashire to feel safe in setting a target, in which case both sides will settle for five points and Lancashire will be 14 points ahead of Hampshire. It’s a lot to make up for a team that’s only beaten the bottom side all year and leaves Warwickshire, eight points ahead, as the nearest ‘hope’.

Perhaps Middlesex will take a chance, hoping to (virtually) clinch the title. If they do, and they do, then Lancashire will be just nine points on and playing Warwickshire next week when they cannot both win. In that case, a big points win for Hampshire could be enough for another miracle.


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But do we want a miracle? Division 2 cricket in 2017 is where I think Hampshire should be, taking into account where we are now, and the players that are/will be available next season. Perhaps a few more changes to the back room boys might also be appropriate.

I look forward to an opening partnership of Joe Weatherley and Ben Duggan, and other of our promising youngsters playing a prominent role.

And Dave, referring to a previous post, don’t disappear into the ether, Hampshire would not be the same without you – but you can keep your dosh!

Comment by John West

Cheers John. I think you ask a VERY pertinent and wise question. I’m pretty much with you – and I” enjoy four days watching us at Hove!

Comment by Dave Allen

I hope it is Div 1 but yes would be happy to watch Hampshire young players make their way in Div 2. Knowing our luck as we won’t play everyone home and away then Hove will be the missing away fixture.

Comment by Ian

The problem with Div 2 is that, even after our youngsters gain experience, it’s only 1 up 1 down – it could be a long, long stay in Div 2

Comment by Ageas

Don’t we go back to two up and two down in 2017?

Comment by James

I thought that, James, but I am repeatedly told by others that it will be 1:1 – not sure how to check

Comment by Ageas

James, you have inspired me to do some digging, and you’re right. ECB website says “Specsavers County Championship games will run throughout the summer and pause during blocks of limited-overs cricket. It will be played in two divisions – a top tier of eight and second division of ten – after one County has been promoted and two relegated this year. It will then revert to two-up, two-down.”
I confess that I often take assertions by others at matches about the Laws and Regulations with a pinch of salt, but I have been told so many times this year that it would continue to be one up, one down, that I was foolish enough to believe it.
Division 2 now seems a less scary prospect

Comment by Ageas

Phew! Thanks for the confirmation Ageas!

Comment by James

Train trouble has disrupted my regular trips to Hove this year but I watched Sussex v Essex. It was as interesting as most of the stuff I’ve seen at the Ageas Bowl. Div Two doesn’t need to be scary; Kent & Worcs are decent sides, so too a re-organised Notts and at least (I hope) we won’t spend most matches on the back foot. Div One is competitive but that’s not necessarily the same as high quality.

Comment by pompeypop

Well Durham are now safe. So the calculation is now easy. If we win with at least 22 points then we stay up. Because if Lancs beat Warwick then Warwick go down. If Warwick beat Lancs then Lancs go down. If its a high scoring draw then Warwick go down. Not sure what the forecast is like for next week. We need some more good weather.

Comment by Tigger

…. and a result pitch!

Comment by James

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