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September 16, 2016, 10:57 am
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In my head I composed a view on this  but then thought I’d just report it with direct quotations. It is of course about Wednesday’s meeting at ECB:

The Times today (p 72) under the headline “Counties Did Not Expect T20 Vote”

“Some county chairmen were taken completely by surprise when the ECB asked them to vote … a group of chairmen privately fear they were out-manoeuvred by ECB Chairman Colin Graves and Chief Executive Tom Harrison …”

(They) “expected it would culminate only in counties giving the ECB permission to go away and further explore two of the options”.

“One county executive present described the voting … as ‘unexpected, difficult and awkward'”

“The meeting was preceded on Tuesday evening by a barbecue for county CEOs and chairmen hosted at Lord’s – jokingly described by one county as a ‘booze and schmooze attempt”.

Jim May, Chairman of Sussex said “There is a hell of a lot of devil in the detail … until we find out about these things we are a long way to the final agreement”.

“Counties who supported the ECB clarified that their positions were taken before internal meetings and member forums over the next fortnight”.

(PS: No Hampshire players in England Test squad but Dawson and Vince are in ODI squad)


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“Forever Changes” made me revisit the reports on the Clark Committee in the 1967 Wisden.

Which has resulted in a lot of my “irritation”.

In 1966, both a postal survey of members, and a National Opinion Poll (by the Daily Mail if memory serves) were conducted.

Now, with the internet, ….. nothing.

Separately, I see the “We’re trendy, hip with it, funky, musical sloggit” ECB have picked 38 yr old Batty to tour. At least he should scare off ISIS!

Comment by Jeremy

Maybe Batty could do a “Udal”.

Comment by Dave Pople

OK, one other thing!

That article says the ECB “believes” there are 9.9m fans out there… but “only” 990,000 bought tickets last year.

The 9.9m is based on, err, well, social media amongst other things. Surely, even someone who knew what they were doing would find it very tough to avoid a lot of double counting?

990,000… DIFFERENT people, bought tickets, (by which they presumably mean attended)??

That seems extremely unlikely.

If the Blast sells 800,000 tickets, many of them are for the same people who go to all the games.

The 80/20 principle suggests that’s only around 200,000 different people.

And are none of them the same people who buy Test tickets?

At least FIFA make you laugh with their antics.

Comment by Jeremy

I’m sceptical about lots of these facts and figures including the methodologies they employ. I guess no one is really surprised that Football is most popular among kids although I don’t understand why it is that shifting live cricket to Sky has had a terrible effect on participation and popularity, whereas shifting live Football to Sky & BT just increases its popularity. But second apparently comes swimming.

Now I’m a seaside boy and I’ve loved ‘swimming’ since I was about five but I don’t love it as a competitive, organised sport (which I did just a little as a school kid). I love it as a recreational activity, amusing myself. It’s not comparable with playing an organised game of cricket at all; for most people, swimming is not a participatory, competitive ‘sport’. In addition, while huge strides have been made in encouraging girls/women to play cricket, it’s still mostly a ‘boys’ game whereas swimming is not at all gender-dominated as far as I’m aware, so more kids are likely to choose it. The ECB are desperate to prove that cricket is ‘in trouble’ because that allows them to change it (yet again).

Comment by pompeypop

Incidentally one of the best ways I’ve seen of getting young people interested and involved in a form of cricket in recent years is Cage Cricket. But the ECB don’t like it and as a consequence neither do Hampshire who seem to me to do largely what the ECB tells them – so they took the Cage away.

Comment by pompeypop

On a cheerier note if you skip to 2hrs 15mins you can hear a fab interview with Tommo…….assuming the link below works okay 😊


Comment by joster69

Thanks for the link, Jo (although listening to yesterday’s Solent traffic news first was a bit weird)

Comment by Ageas

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