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Yesterday’s ‘paper
September 17, 2016, 9:12 am
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“Who wants yesterday’s papers?” (Jagger/Richards)

Well when it’s a weekly like The Cricket Paper, an extra day doesn’t make too much difference, so this week’s is worth a look. The main cover story is of course the T20 discussions, which each day begin to look increasingly ‘messy. It’s clearly “not a done deal” with Middlesex saying there is not enough detail while the Essex Chairman John Faragher says Colin Graves has “got his neck on the line over this”. He adds that he has “reservations. This is not cast in stone”. There’s a suggestion that any change might be delayed until 2020.

Elsewhere there is a piece mainly about Tom Alsop which suggests that Michael Carberry is recovering well:”Despite their struggles the best piece of news Hampshire could hope to receive this year is that Michael Carberry has beaten cancer – and the signs are looking good according to Tom Alsop”

Liam Dawson is interviewed and says enough to argue against himself as a Test choice: “mine is just a containing job … I’m there to give the seamers a rest and then Mason (Crane) can come on and work his magic”. He adds “batting is still my strongest suit”. The letters page publishes one, headlined “Don’t Pick Dawson” – an argument based on first-class figures this season. Elsewhere Peter Hayter suggests that consideration of Dawson as a third spinner on tour (for the Tests) “reveals the depth” of the spin-bowling problem, although he acknowledges that Liam is “made of the right stuff”.

Finally there’s another interesting interview with James Tomlinson – who do you think told him in 2004; “You’re not quick enough to bowl fast, you’re not tall enough to bounce people out, you don’t do enough with the ball and you’re not accurate enough. But come with me and I’ll sort you out”.

Cricket on the TV today, summer seems to be over, put your feet up and have a read.

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Lovely moment in the Final, as Javed gets a leg-side stumping from a first-ball wide so he now has 1-1 but hasn’t yet bowled a ball (0-0-1-1)

Comment by pompeypop

Very dull game, one day cricket at its worst. Now we want Warwickshire to celebrate hard for at least 48 hours although in truth it’s not obvious that they are weaker than Hampshire (Lancs might be a different matter without Anderson).

Comment by Dave Allen

Great quote from Warne about Tommo!

Comment by James

Where? What?

Comment by Dave Allen

In your piece above I believe Dave!

Comment by James

I see! Sorry, I was a bit slow. Nope not Shane W (who I don’t think much fancied Tommo or Jimmy Adams), it was Bruce Reid. ‘Tommo’ went down under and worked with him and Bruce came back to Hampshire to coach too. Clearly did a good job.

Comment by pompeypop

Ah interesting as I saw one of the quotes attributed to Warne. Still to some journalists all Aussies look alike I suppose!

Comment by James

Peterson not playing for Lancs v Warks unfortunately

Comment by Ageas

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