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Here I Go Again
September 18, 2016, 10:09 am
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A beautiful waltz-time song by my favourite psychedelic band Country Joe & the Fish (covered by Twiggy & Val Doonican!) – NB there’s a twist in the Fish’s tail …

A fascinating finale to the County Championship season awaits. There is every reason to treasure this finale while we can since there may not be many more like it if the ECB has its way.

There is still an integrity about the Championship. With the current dash for cash this is unlikely to remain the case. The Championship cannot retain that integrity if the broad plans for the shape of the domestic season are implemented.

Details are sketchy but our best county cricketers will be required to play about 30 T20 matches per season. The Championship is bound to be diminished as a result. The saturation of T20 cricket unprecedented in any other nation, is a preposterous compromise that they would never consider down under.

(The twist is that it’s not actually me banging on again, it’s an edited version of Vic Marks, county and international cricketer, once Cricket Chairman at Somerset, writing today, as he does regularly, in the Observer.)

Incidentally, he described yesterday’s Final as “very forgettable … for those from beyond Brum” and suggested, “there was little evidence to suggest that Ansari is the best left-arm spinner in the country” – although I doubt he was thinking of Liam, he probably prefers Jack Leach.




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Unfortunately for us Vic Marks is a cricket man and not an accountant so his views are unlikely to cut any ice with the ECB.

Comment by James

30 Twenty/20 games per season? I was led to believe that the problem was that there was too much cricket played in the English season.

Interesting to note that one of the County representatives at the ECB meeting last week said that he was surprised that they were asked to vote on the “city based” competition – he expected only to be asked to vote on giving the ECB the OK to investigate the proposal further. Although it has been reported that only 3 of the counties voted against the proposal, from what I have read it seems that more than that number are still sceptical about the proposal.

Comment by John West

It does indeed seem like that John

Comment by pompeypop

I’m never surprised by the ECB but one of the things that has made me feel most disenchanted over the past couple of years has been the insistence of the PCA that cricketers play too much cricket. I’ve already recorded how if Will Smith plays this week it will take him past an average of three days per week for Hampshire over the season – and he’s the only one although Vince has including his England duties.

I have just been reading that Adil Rashid wants to rest this week rather than play in Yorkshire’s match v Middlesex. In the past five weeks, Rashid has played one Championship match plus four ODIs and one IT20 – nine days cricket or an average of just under two days per week. He must be knackered especially with that long run up; still it’s a good job the match isn’t important.

Comment by pompeypop

Apparently Rashid is not in the Yorkshire squad because, as Dave says, he wants to rest. If I were a Yorkshire supporter I would want him to take a rest from any Yorkshire team for the rest of his career. A shocking attitude from a player towards the county who made him an England player.

Comment by James

I was tempted to write exactly that! How could you ‘support’ a player like that?

Comment by pompeypop

Someone has tweeted “I would like to wish Rashid all the best at his new county”.

(Don’t even think it!)

Comment by Jeremy

Today (suddenly?) he is citing illness in the family. Why wasn’t that said initially I wonder? And after, as I said, nine days cricket in five weeks, he’s still adding “I have also had a heavy period of cricket recently for Yorkshire and England which has been both physically and mentally draining”. In the Championship, Rashid has bowled 293 overs which is about 1,000 fewer than that other Yorkshireman ‘Shack’ generally bowled.

Comment by pompeypop

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