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September 19, 2016, 1:59 pm
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“Talk about things we like to do”

Like. for example, watching Hampshire winning a crucial final game to ensure Div One cricket next year.

The squad’s announced – last time’s XI plus Crane and Carter. I know absolutely nothing but they have to win so my bet is Crane for Andrew – unless they pick Carter to strengthen the batting …

Right, I’ve decided to hide Mr Grumpy in the cupboard for a few days and take on an air of complete optimism – you know, “Here we go, here we go …” and the occasional blast of ‘Aaaaaaaaaaampsheeeeer.

From Saturday I make no promises but for now, even Colin Graves can’t upset me!


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I look forward to seeing Mr Happy (Hampshire) on Thursday and Friday. Took a risk and went to Day 3 at Cardiff (which paid off handsomely!!). This week my water tells me we may need an extra day so I’ve had to beg, steal or borrow brownie points to extend my trip. Looking forward to seeing everyone and having a sparkling water with you all at the end of the game. Last season I saw the coup de grace at Trent Bridge, quick Woo Hoos and then back up the motorway to Headingley to see Yorkshire finish off Sussex. I have a lot of friends at Yorkshire so, who knows, can it happen again and I finish my week as a Happy Hampshire at Lord’s watching Yorkshire clinch the Title ??

Comment by Richard Griffiths

In a spirit of joy, perhaps this’ll stir a few happy ones?:


The bit that resonates most with me is what I take to be Roy Marshall’s last innings, in the sort of mash up at the end. A slight tear in the eye, as I recall!

Quite a treasure trove of stuff at http://player.bfi.org.uk/collections/cricket-on-film/

[courtesy of Sky tea break during RL50 final]

Comment by Jeremy

Very enjoyable and thanks too to Peter Jeffs who alerted me to the BFI stuff. That 1985 game is the one when KD James took six for not many – like Mike Barnard he had a thing about the touring sides. It is too Roy Marshall in those pix at the end. It’s from the Brochure they published and it is his last innings (v Yorks in 1972) I remember it clearly – but was not at the 1985 game. Among familiar faces, Jimmy James, Mike Taylor, Geoffrey Ford (Chairman), Roy who scored for Hospital Radio, and I think Ian Turner briefly by the nets. Cheers!

Comment by Dave Allen

What a very revealing film about the way of things then. Remember that supporters’ caravan as an advance when it first appeared, and the gentleman you can just make out who looked after the table for many years.

Comment by StephenFH

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