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I’m Sorry
September 19, 2016, 5:23 pm
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(Brenda Lee)

This is version two. In the first I was complaining that I couldn’t find the Tie Break Regulations on the ECB site

But at the third attempt I found them – so I’m sorry for missing them

They are, in order

Most wins, fewest losses, team achieving most points in contests between teams level on points, most wickets taken, most runs scored.

So here we go:

Lancashire: 3 Wins, 4 Losses, 162 points – Maximum possible 186

Warwickshire: 2 Wins, 4 Losses; 156 points – Maximum possible 180

Hampshire: 2 Wins, 3 Losses; 148 points – Maximum 172

Hampshire’s best hope then is to finish level on points with Warwickshire without losing. They will then be ahead of Warwickshire on losses regardless of the result between Warwickshire v Lancashire (I’m assuming we can’t finish level with them if Warwickshire¬†win and we don’t – not strictly true if they win with hardly any bonus points but …)




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Sean Ervine has passed 1,000 f/c runs but needs 16 more to do so in the Championship. Otherwise only McLaren (819) & Adams (814) have passed 800 (aprt from a bloke now playing for Essex)

No one is close to anything in the bowling: McLaren has 32 & Crane 27, the only ones over 20

Adams needs 129 to complete 12,000 for Hants. Vince needs 41 to pass 7,000 f/c runs. Andrew needs six runs to reach 3,000 f/c and Carter needs four to reach 300 (!).

Comment by pompeypop

Put simply, if we win with at least 22 points we stay up regardless of the other match. If we draw then our only hope is that Lancashire win and we get 3 more bonus points than Warwickshire. Therefore, if Warwickshire lose but get 6 points then we are down. If we lose then we are down.

Comment by Tigger

There is one way that we go down even with 24 points and that is if Warwickshire and Lancashire tie, getting 8 points each.

Comment by Bob Murrell

I wonder if they could contrive that result. There might be a stewards enquiry!

Comment by Tigger

There is a scenario for staying up if we lose. We would need 8 bonus points and Warks to lose whilst taking 0 bonus points as we would stay up on fewest losses.

Comment by Ian

My head hurts!

Comment by John West

It’ll hurt more John if we stay up and you start celebrating!

Comment by Dave Allen

I’m assuming the lights at Brum can be used?

While there are none at Taunton, and they can’t use the ones at Lords.

Comment by Jeremy

Good question – around 7am and it’s very gloomy in Pompey. Yesterday there was a bit of a sunrise but today it’s autumn for sure. Still I’m not gloomy – and if we must go down, I do fancy a tie!!

Comment by pompeypop

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