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September 22, 2016, 6:49 am
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If Hampshire draw they will finish with either 163 or 164 points – then:

If Lancashire win, Hampshire stay up (Warwicks 160)

If Warwickshire win, Hampshire are relegated (Warwicks 176, Lancs 165)

If Warwicks v Lancs is a draw Hampshire are relegated (W: 165, L: 170)

If Warwicks v Lancs is a tie, Hampshire are relegated



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Following on-line; if Durham are bowled out by lunch giving Hampshire a good lead, is the best chance of a win to keep Durham very much interested the second time round? A target of 250-70 to pretty much make sure it doesn’t finish as a draw??

Will be at Lords where I do hope it finishes as a draw.

Weather holding and plots thickening 🙂

Comment by StephenFH

Not looking good this morning, Warcs well on top and we’re stuck in the sheds.

Comment by Paul

16 overs lost today – resuming at 12.40 but it did just drizzle around 12.15 so …

Comment by Dave Allen

Hampshire have managed one wicket in the past 60 overs; the 8th and 9th wkt partnerships are records for Durham v Hants and the 9th is the best by anyone v Hants on this ground. Oops! That worked. Onions is out.

Comment by Dave Allen

Durham all out thanks entirely to Chris Rushworth. After 57 years of watching county cricket he played the worst, most irresponsible shot I have ever seen. Richardson 99* at the non strikers’ end, Rushworth facing Dawson, heaves across the line, misses and is out LBW. Rushworth is now bowling his first over which has already gone for 11 and if I was Richardson, I’d drop any ‘nick’ off him for the next two days! Brainless

Comment by Dave Allen

Our second innings isn’t going quite the way we want.

Comment by Paul

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