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No They Didn’t
September 22, 2016, 6:59 am
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BBC South Today ran a short feature on the future of cricket this week with some of our fans getting a say and Rod Bransgrove telling us that either we go down the Graves route or cricket will soon be in a Gravesyard of its own making. Meanwhile the report tells us that last week 16 of the 19 counties voted in favour of change

No they didn’t

Is this merely sloppy journalism or a deliberately misleading statement?


(incidentally Rod B expressed concern again about the future ref young people’s interest. Maybe he could start by reinstating the Cage?)


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I’m afraid it is sloppy journalism. Resulting from the deliberately misleading Press release the ECB issued, which has successfully tilted the media, and therefore public, perception that this is a “done deal”.

I believe in MBA circles this is called “Pre-suasion”.

It may well be the case that the private perception amongst insiders is diifferent.

There is certainly anger that some have had to defend a “Yes” vote to their members, when in fact they merely voted for more information, because the City proposal is spectacularly detail lite, indeed it barely exists in a format that can be discussed.

Andy Nash, at Somerset, has publicly described it as “Like Brexit, an idea, but with no plan or any detail”. He refrained from drawing comparisons between the promoters of the two schemes.

Our Chairman referred to 9.4m fans. The ECB’s latest figures were 9.9m, so obviously there’s a certain amount of abstract expressionism going on here.

The interview did have the first quote that has made me smile in this affair:

“Young participation has been falling off a cliff… for some years.”

Must be quite a cliff!

Separately, we have only once lost in the Champo after enforcing the follow on.

I don’t know how many times we have failed to win after not doing so, but I expect it’s quite a few.

If we get the opportunity, the odds massively favour enforcing, yet all the wise experienced player opinion seems to be to bat again.

Comment by Jeremy

The ECB directors as distinct from its members include the chair of Surrey, one unpersuaded and the chair of Somerset (member consultation ahoy), to face up to Messrs Graves, Clarke and members of the banking fraternity. Would suggest there is some chance forcing more than the current empty box proposal.

Comment by StephenFH

I love the idea of Abstract Expressionism, given the HUGE new show about to open at the RA!
As for the follow-on and losing – you could argue that game against Essex had as much hanging on it. Had we won that or at least drawn (which we should have) we just might have won the title – instead of Essex. But after that, we fell apart.

Comment by pompeypop

Well, the ECB “plan” is certainly a load of old Jackson’s 😉

Thanks for the context re 1992, makes it much more interesting.

I see it happened in 1866 as well, but the follow on rule must have been a bit different then


Comment by Jeremy

It’s sloppy journalism. Hear/see it, in particular, all the time.
I spent a few pleasant hours at Lord’s yesterday and on the way home picked up an Evening Standard.
Coverage of the cricket? Absolutely ZILCH.

Comment by Henry Thompson

I’m afraid I no longer take any notice of what our chairman says as he seems totally and completely motivated by money.

Comment by James

I guess that’s why he’s a millionaire and I’m not.

Comment by Paul

There is a very interesting article on the Derbyshire Blog from their Chairman. Have a read here


Interesting quote about Mr Bransgrove and Cage Cricket!

Comment by Hantssabre

Fascinating piece EXCEPT it says the ECB like Cage Cricket. Sadly the reverse is the case.

Comment by pompeypop

An interesting article on the Derbyshire Blog about the City T20 can be read here


Interesting statement from Mr Bransgrove about Cage Cricket!

Comment by Hantssabre


Good read to do with City T20 and quote by Mr Bransgrove!

Comment by John Lapham

Sorry, got the hang of if now!

Comment by Hantssabre

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